Obama Wins Nomination – So Long as Party Bosses are OK

So Obama has won the nomination. Except, the Democratic party isn’t, so he now has to convince the party bosses and donors that he’s the guy. Great stuff. Phone surveys of Oregon voters painted a strikingly different picture of that state’s electorate. Mr Obama won 60% of the state’s white voters, while just 10% of… Continue reading Obama Wins Nomination – So Long as Party Bosses are OK

Hillary in Trouble Financially

Hillary is having more trouble that simply falling behind in the polls and delegate count. The Politico reports that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is cash-strapped and has been slow in paying her bills, opting instead to make more media buys: “Hillary Rodham Clinton’s cash-strapped presidential campaign has been putting off paying hundreds of bills for months… Continue reading Hillary in Trouble Financially

Clinton gonna do a “Tonya Harding”?

From NewsBusters. Until recently the most popular metaphor to describe the Hillary Clinton campaign was Scorched Earth. This metaphor implies that Hillary is willing to destroy the entire Democrat party in an effort to win the nomination. However, there is a new metaphor on the block which is a bit more precise in its description:… Continue reading Clinton gonna do a “Tonya Harding”?