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Idiot/Savant – “those poor, poor, cheats”

Compare and contrast people:

First, tax cheats are bad people.

Tax cheats steal from us all. Every dollar they save in tax from these tricks is a dollar we have to pay, borrow, or cut – a dollar we don’t get to spend on schools, hospitals and state houses. The government should make these companies pay their fair share. And if the present government refuses to do so, because they are on the side of the tax cheats, we should elect one that will.

Here’s another:

And he’s right. That money you save by aiding and abetting a tradeperson’s tax fraud? That’s money that would normally go to schools, hospitals, and public services. You might as well be going down there and smashing some windows yourself.

So, I support this campaign: people should pay what they owe, and not commit tax fraud.

And more:

Goff’s statement that

No one knows exactly how much is lost by people dodging their tax – but it’s been estimated in the billions.

is carrying an awful lot of weight here.

Like Goff, I want to see those loopholes closed and that avoidance stopped. People should pay their fair share, and those who don’t are cheats and parasites


This is the cost of having great chunks of our economy owned by foreign tax cheats: not only do the profits go offshore, but they do so in ways which rob the government of revenue, and therefore us of public services.

Got the idea? Avoiding paying your taxes to a sovereign government, even if you what you have done to do so is completely legal makes you an evil person(tm).

Now this week National announced that they will be arresting people who had cheated the New Zealand government out of it’s revenue. We’re talking people who have moved overseas to maximize their incomes, but owe the government money, but have made no effort whatsoever to pay.

You’d think that this sort of crack down would be music to the ears of someone so worried about New Zealand’s tax base. I mean, these people aren’t structuring their affairs to keep the money off-shore, (which is perfectly legal) they actually have signed agreements with the New Zealand government to pay the money. Yet in spite of having signed contracts, the government has offered to negotiate  and that offer has been treated with contempt.

In other words, the morality of this situation is pretty one-sided.

So Idiot would be really happy to see the government announce it’s taking this “threat to government revenue” so seriously. Yea right:

And what National’s policy will do is make sure they can never come home ever again. They can’t come home for christmas, because they’ll be arrested. If a New Zealand family member gets sick, they’ll have to choose between their family and their freedom. They won’t be able to come home for funerals. All of that is inhumane, vindictive and punitive, but it gets worse: they won’t be able to do business here, because they’ll be arrested. And they won’t even be able to move back home, because if they come back for a job interview, the government will throw them in jail.

Here’s my take: you cheat your taxes, you go to jail. You cheat your student loan repayments, you go to jail. (You legally avoid changing your taxes, bad on you – but it’s up to the government to change the law.)

In short: cry me a freaking river. If you find yourself unable to return home because you’re wanted by the authorities, you should have not broken the law in the first place. If you owe on your student loan, you should talk to the IRD today (ok, not today… perhaps Monday).

Hey, maybe that might have been the point of the law? Gee…

But on the other hand, if people are calling you out for avoiding taxes, just find some way of converting it to a student loan. Because “gaming the system” is ok – because as long as you actually agreed to pay the money, it’s a-ok with the left to avoid payment.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but about whom?

The saying is “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

I agree. I think this picture illustrates quite nicely just how unhinged the left are.

idiot spy

Even stupider, Idiot is on record on his blog making the most outlandish excuse for another piece of legislation which allows a government department to not just spy on, but to utterly destroy the lives of any of a very large group of New Zealand citizens.

In fact, Idiot has called on the government to use that law for that very purpose – to destroy the families of those who have dared to make “the wrong” political stand.

I speak of course, of the Section 59 law changes, and I/S’s infamous post-referendum post which I discussed here.

To this day, I still consider that post to be the most disgraceful thing ever said by a New Zealand blogger. I cannot think of a single instance where anyone has ever tried to push for political dissidents to be silenced by abusing state power.

But Idiot said that, and he still to this day supports the law that makes is possible.

Frankly, allowing the police to use GCSB computers is pretty tame by comparison. And unlike the GCSB, we’re not talking about fat Germans with more money than ethics. We’re talking about real, everyday New Zealand families who no jury would ever convict – indeed, even some who have gone to court and had their case dismissed!

I’d include a link to FF’s site on the topic, but it appeasers that dissent is still intolerable and they are undergoing another round of DOS attacks. So I’ll leave my readers to ponder the irony of the tolerant left.

(And yes, I’ve made this point before.)


Question: if someone has never bothered with moral standards, is it hypocrisy when they point out that other have failed to live up to theirs?

Inspiration for this though here.

Mark Regnerus

Good article by Glenn Peoples on a study that found same-sex partners did not make the best parents.

Glenn examines some of the criticism of the author.

Look through the list of factors that David Sessions (the author of the above article). These are listed as things that Gays and Lesbians should be alarmed by when seeing this study:

  • The research project was led by a person who engages in “attention grabbing” research
  • This man’s findings sometimes agree with what social conservatives think about the sexual revolution.
  • This man was once a professor at a Christian College
  • This man wrote a cover story in a Christian magazine, saying that Christians should encourage marriage at a young age.
  • This man wrote an article claiming that the sexual revolution has had some negative consequences for women.
  • This man’s latest research (the study on same-sex parenting) was funded by groups that are not socially liberal, but socially conservative instead.

Quite a modest set of charges when dealing with this sort of thing. Which of course suggests strongly that the guy is sound, but leans conservative in his convictions.

Oh, and if you think those things are legitimate reasons to ignore research, then I feel very sorry for you.

Glenn then points out that the study is far from a slam dunk anyway. It seems that the offence just may be (and this is my opinion) that it wasn’t a ringing endorsement.

So there you have it. It’s not the bombshell revelation-to-end-all-revelations study that settles every argument that some might have hoped for, and it’s not the atrocious omg-I-can’t-believe-anyone-would-publish-this piece of trash that some are claiming it to be. What the appearance of this study has done, however, is to again allow the ugly side of intellectual policing to rear its head. Some things just shouldn’t be allowed to be said, so when they are, they must be shouted down by any disreputable means necessary.

Have a read and make your own mind up. As I write, there’s two comments – the first a vicious attack on Glenn for his “hateful” criticism, which is of course completely ironic as the second comment says.

I goggled Mark Regnerus (he’s the guy who did the study) and found this article. It is the sort of response that liberals should be making, but starts by noting the response that liberals have been making.

Mark Regnerus is a hateful bigot. He’s an ultra-conservative with links to Opus Dei. His new research paper on same-sex parenting is “intentionally misleading” and “seeks to disparage lesbian and gay parents.” His “so-called study doesn’t match 30 years of scientific research that shows overwhelmingly that children raised by parents who are LGBT do equally as well.” His “junk science” and “pseudo-scientific misinformation,” pitted against statements from the American Psychological Association and “every major child welfare organization,” deserve no coverage or credence.

That’s what four of the nation’s leading gay-rights groups—the Human Rights Campaign, the Family Equality Council, Freedom to Marry, and the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation —declared in a joint statement this week. Flanked by a mob of bloggers, they’re out to attack Regnerus’ motives, destroy his credibility, and banish his study from the scientific record. Even Slate contributor E.J. Graff says “Slate‘s editors should be ashamed” for publishing Regnerus’ “dangerous propaganda.”

Nice people, aren’t they?

The Greens are Hip

‘Ocrats that is.

NZ Pundit pulls them apart.

Green MP Sue Kedgley said that, apart from a publicity trip last week, she had used the train three times in recent years to go to Ohakune.

Here’s the thing – if it’s ok for Green MPs to not use “environmentally friendly” stuff like trains when it’s inconvenient, why should anyone else go out of their way?

Very much “do as I say, not as I do”.

A Few International Items

Michelle Malkin reports on Ramadan riots in Europe and the lack of MSM coverage thereof.

She also points out the hypocrisy of the left:

1. Democrats release select part of classified report that make the Iraq report look bad.
2. President Bush then releases other parts of the report, excluding stuff that can’t be owing to troop locations, methods, sources etc.
3. Democrats accuse Bush of only releasing the facts he agrees with.

There’s a reason for that, you released the other stuff!

Of course, the media play the tune of the Democrats right the way through.

Campbell Live & Close Up tonight

Watched Campbell Live, as they were promising interviews with both leaders. Then found Close Up were offering a head to head – think I caught most of it.

Campbell Live got separate interview with each. Naturally, each blamed each other. Helen also got off a good shot about “big money” “buying policies”.

Someone please tell her you can’t buy policy from an opposition. (must post on this topic…)
I note that Campbell had Helen in a nice theatre setting, quite comfortable, gentle probing etc. Brash on the other hand got a “live cross to another studio” type interview. Not relaxed, quite pressing at times. Overall not a balanced display in terms of equal treatment.

I despair of this sort of thing.
Actually, on second thoughts, in the few hard interviews a Labour MP has been given, how many have handled themselves as well as a National government minister from the 90s?

Then switched to Close Up and found a head-to-head. Brash made very good points about already declaring a unilateral cease-fire, corruption being in the electoral act, etc.

Helen just looked stone-faced.

NZ Politics Today

Whale Oil is right, the gloves are off.

Labour has the cheek to say on National TV “stop the tittle-tattle, and call the dogs off”.

They have already and Clark dismissed it.
Unfortunately for her, it wasn’t a public pulling back, it was private. This, in my opinion, gives it much more credibility

Don Brash has also ordered removed a photo which shows Helen Clark as a Lebian Darth Vader – however that picture has been around for quite some time.
David Farrar defines Corruption, and find the glove fits very nicely thank you very much.

Both David and Sir Humphery give examples of Labour dishing it out in the past – it seems they now can’t take it.

Not surprising, as this time it’s real.

I would go so far as to say the further left you go, the more easily the corruption word is used to describe opponents. It’s just something that they always do. Labour was slightly more restrained (as it’s a mainstream party) in that it tried to have a incident to point to that might be spun that way.
Helen is now claiming that the word “corruption” has no place in a Western democracy.

Except the law her govenment passed? Oh wait, that was passed by the National party, Labour just failed to ammend that section after, oh, 7 odd years in power.

The fact is, the above quite makes me feel sick. Really sick. Are they seriously saying that no one in western society can be corrupt? No, in western society you can be corrupt, it’s just much harder to get away with it, as we have respected, independent instutions.

Well, we did have. And Labour was caught by one.

So in a sence, they are proving themselves correct.

Or at least they will when the call a new election.

Maybe then I’ll feel better.

Gotta love this title!

Patterico does have some great headlines 🙂 Mind, the LA times does ask for it something cronic.

That Terrible Program We Opposed Before Is Underfunded!

NZ Herald – Canvas and Feminism

Getting my Herald Saturday morning and opening it up, out falls Canvas as per usual.

Which reminds me of a article some weeks ago about a modern feminist.

When asked about the relevance of feminism, she gave 3 reasons why it was still needed.

1. Rape

2. Domestic Violence

3. Advertising.

Ok, first of all Rape. Yes, that’s a problem, and a serious one. But it’s almost a women’s problem by definition.

Domestic Violence though is twice as common woman against man than man beating woman. It’s true – every so often you’ll hear of a new study on the news that “stumbles onto the fact”.

Think about it. Women can beat men silly without anything ever happening but the minute a man strikes back, even once, his life is over.


Now to the kicker, advertising.

Perhaps this would have some credibilty had the feminist in question not appeard on the cover of Canvas naked.

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