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Yet another case of liberalism turning on itself

I don’t have much time for Piers Morgan. But after reading this I’m starting to have some sympathy. 

The reason for his bad day centered around Janet Mock, a transgender woman he’d had as a guest on his program to discuss her new book Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More. That’s right, he was helping her sell her book. But that wasn’t enough for Mock. She reallywants to sell her book. So a week after the interview was taped, she incited people in the transgender community, who accused Morgan of being “transphobic” and mistreating her by explaining that she was male before age 18. The fact is, Mock was born a boy with the name “Charles” and had a sex change at 18. Her beef is that she “identified” as a woman her whole life. And yet, she still had a penis.

Go have a read. It’s impressive just how much outrage was generated out of a situation that was 100% supportive of the supposed “victim”.

Speaking of victims, the NAACP has come out in favour of a wife beater. Seriously. In. Writing. Oh wait, he’s a politician – politicians are allowed to beat their wives… wait, what?!?

Now that the Mass House is finally taking steps to expel him from their bodywe find out via Red Mass Group the NAACP has sent a letter to the Mass House of Representatives urging them to keep him.

The NAACP, New England Area Conference (NEAC), respectfully requests that the Massachusetts House of Representatives abstain from voting in the matter of the expulsion of Representative Carlos Henriquez, expected to come before the House today. In the alternative, Members of the House are asked to vote against the expulsion of their colleague.

Seriously, the NAACP, one of the oldest civil rights organizations in the country is going to bat for Carlos Henriquez? Why on earth would they do this?

This brings the whole “if you criticise Obama you must be racist” meme to a whole, new, sick, level.

And finally, we have the feminist movement. This is a movement that set out to prove that women could and should be regarded as equal to a man. Oddly, those same feminists are now loudly decrying a simple (ok, it’s really creepy but, you know, art and all that!) statue of a man sleepwalking as threatening… or something.

Oddly, there’s no outcry at the fact that women-only colleges still exist in the USA in 2014. 


Idiotic (Atheist) Comment of the Day

From Kiwiblog, on the thread that begain by talking about the HRC taking the Anglican Bishop to court for refusing an unchaste prospective priest’s application.

nasska (6,243) Says: 
May 6th, 2013 at 1:12 pm

Churches within NZ do enjoy independence & freedom from Government interference. Regrettably the rest of us do not enjoy freedom from religious meddling & lobbying.

The God afflicted have one vote each, exactly the same as the rest of us but this isn’t enough for them. Rather they seek extra influence through their organisations, then demand that the taxpayers subsidise the propaganda by granting them tax exemption.

“My God & Me & the Hell with Thee” sums it up.

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And then he followed it up with this:

nasska (6,243) Says: 
May 6th, 2013 at 1:34 pm


Off the top of my head there are a few examples of religious organisations meddling in politics:

1) Bishop Tamaki & his lot

2) The Exclusive Bretheren in 2005

3) The Ratana Church


5) The SPCS

If I have a vote I have a political influence… have the same vote plus an organisation piling on political pressure..

When I later pointed out that he was completely inconsistent with… well, democracy, religious freedom and all that stuff, he changed his mind and claimed it was all about tax exemptions.

One can only wonder how someone’s thinking can get so screwed up that you think religious people have some sort of “extra vote” or some such thing because there are groups lobbying who you agree with. 

Meanwhile, Family First have had a good whine about losing their tax exempt status. Given they were setup first and foremost to represent family issues in Parliament  I was surprised when they were given charitable status. So I’m not so worried about it being taken away – though the circumstances in which they have been do raise an eyebrow.

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