Private Health Care – For the “Stupid”

No Right Turn spews hatred while talking about the US reforms. Oh, there may be some waiting if surgery is “voluntary” (meaning “not immediately life-threatening”), but that’s the general principle. Healthcare is seen as a public good, like sewers and a fire service and a welfare system – something necessary for people to get on… Continue reading Private Health Care – For the “Stupid”


No Right Turn makes a fair point. The government has released some of the background geologists reports on areas it wants to remove from the protection of schedule 4 and mine. The one on the Parakawai Ecological Area [PDF] makes interesting reading. It identifies the primary resource in the area as “aggregate”. Yes, that’s right… Continue reading Spite.

The mixed standards of the left

I’ve been amused at No Right Turn’s outburst of violent rhetoric on the “sterilisation for deadbeats” suggestion. (Semper Vita have a good list of reasons why it’s a bad idea.) Maybe it’s something to do with his support for ripping the limbs off tiny babies, or enabling murder of helpless elderly grandparents… Worse, in that… Continue reading The mixed standards of the left

Quote of the Day

From Idiot/Savant: Update: And according to the Herald, Henry has made the usual non-apology, “apologising” that “ome[sic] people have taken what I said in a way that I never intended”. In other words, its not his fault – its ours for being “hypersensitive”. What a prick. Tuck that one under your hat for the future…… Continue reading Quote of the Day

Oh you have got to be kidding

No Right Turn lashes out at Bob McCoskrie. Family First’s Bob McCoskrie on the upcoming MMP referendum: “The question ‘do voters want to retain MMP’ is confusing because a voter wanting change in the Electoral system will have to vote NO,” says Bob McCoskrie. “It’s a pretty weird referendum when yes means no and no… Continue reading Oh you have got to be kidding

Fine for Parking Here

(This post was somehow published while I made revisions – sorry to those who saw the first version) There comes a point where political point scoring and twisting crosses the line and just becomes casual lying. Idiot/Savant has done this a lot recently with the Section 59 debate, but he’s also doing it in other… Continue reading Fine for Parking Here

To Transfer to Political Left, Take Wall, Apply Head violently Multiple times

What on earth can you say about people who think like this? But there’s another…, to oppose social distinction and knighthoods: because they kill people. That was the conclusion of the famous Whitehall II study, which found that social distinction in and of itself led to a gradient of health, with those at the bottom… Continue reading To Transfer to Political Left, Take Wall, Apply Head violently Multiple times

Spit the Dummy over This

Last year, Idiot/Savant spat the dummy and turned off comments after posting this. Yesterday in the House, National MP Jonathan Coleman Nick Smith abused Judith Tizard by implying she was a witch and telling her to get back on her “broomstick”. For those like DPF who seem to be having a problem understanding why this… Continue reading Spit the Dummy over This