Ok, is is just me, or is there one word that I have not heard in relation to the OCR being cut to a record low? That would be the word “Inflation” which is the only thing that is supposed to be taken into account. Apparently, that can be ignored when Dr Bollard feels like… Continue reading OCR

Inflation is being ignored

Save the Humans has a good post on inflation – the silent killer. It’s interesting that Labour is the party that’s let it get away. Because with inflation, prices go up and that affects the workers more. They can’t adsorb it as much as those on higher incomes. They have to go to their employers,… Continue reading Inflation is being ignored

Real Economic Growth

Update: This post is wrong – it’s been pointed out that the figures already include inflation! This post is very important, so please read it carefully. The other day, The Standard posted this chart, it’s one they’ve used before. Now, I’d heard tales of how dissenters are quickly banned on the standard, so I thought… Continue reading Real Economic Growth


Robert Mugabe was once one of Africa’s best leaders. Zimbabwe wasn’t totally up to western standards, but by African standards was pretty good. He was elected many times fairly. Then he started manipulating to stay in power. One thing built on another… Right now Zimbabwe is a complete mess. Hyper-inflation (bread is was last I… Continue reading Mugabe