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Shock – Foreign Policy shouldn’t be written by 5 year olds!

Seems that the Obama administration’s “let’s talk about our problems” approach to Iran hasn’t worked yet.

Shocking, I know.

It’s this sort of thing that is going to change the way history regards the Bush administration. Bush scared Libya out of it’s WMD, while under Obama Iran is making major strides towards acquiring nuclear weapons.

Partisan Retoric

David Limbaugh outlines very well what Bush would have said on 9/11 of he had been trying to give a partisan speech.

Worth reading, just to get your self back in balance with reality.

Speaking of reality, it appears there’s a bit of a shortage around at the moment.

Exhibit A:

What’s his name from Iran claiming he’s a man of peace. I think the whole “destroy Israel” disqualifies that, but maybe the rule book has been recently updated?
Exhibit B:

Chirac calls for threat of Iran sanctions to be lifted. See above.

Exhibit Z:
Helen Clark slipping deeper into insanity. Well, apparently half of us suffer from it at some point… 🙂

(Z for New Zealand, don’t think that just cos I missed some letters I couldn’t have found something for each!)

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