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Bush is evil, no matter what happens

George Bush got blamed when petrol prices went up.

Now that they’re going down he’s manipulating the election.

Nice to see we’re not the only country grappling unsuccessfully with mental health funding.

NZ Herald – Canvas and Feminism

Getting my Herald Saturday morning and opening it up, out falls Canvas as per usual.

Which reminds me of a article some weeks ago about a modern feminist.

When asked about the relevance of feminism, she gave 3 reasons why it was still needed.

1. Rape

2. Domestic Violence

3. Advertising.

Ok, first of all Rape. Yes, that’s a problem, and a serious one. But it’s almost a women’s problem by definition.

Domestic Violence though is twice as common woman against man than man beating woman. It’s true – every so often you’ll hear of a new study on the news that “stumbles onto the fact”.

Think about it. Women can beat men silly without anything ever happening but the minute a man strikes back, even once, his life is over.


Now to the kicker, advertising.

Perhaps this would have some credibilty had the feminist in question not appeard on the cover of Canvas naked.

I support the Pope too

Michelle Malkin has a roundup on the reaction to the Pope’s speech.

behead.jpgSays it all really – and this isn’t the photoshoped version!

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