Muslim Taxi’s Won’t Carry Guide Dogs

Now, I dont’ agree with Guide Dogs. Radar-type devices have been invented to do a better job at much lower cost but have been met with resistance by the establishment for many decades. That does not mean, however, that this behavour is acceptable.

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Confessions of an Ex-Feminist

Funny what you find when you’re looking at something quite different: I got many comments to my posts about Muslim rapes and gang rapes of Swedish and Norwegian women. Several of my readers asked what Scandinavian men are doing about this. What happened to those Vikings, anyway? Did they drink too much mead in Valhalla?… Continue reading Confessions of an Ex-Feminist

“This is the beginning of the end for British policing”

Quote above from Ex-Met Flying Squad commander John O’Connor responding to the news that a Moslem police officer will be excused from guarding the Israeli Embassy. A senior source in the Metropolitan Police Federation said: ‘We are expected to serve people without fear or favour. You treat them according to their needs whether you agree… Continue reading “This is the beginning of the end for British policing”

Religious Pot! (It makes a change from soggy tomato sandwiches)

What’s going on inside your head right now? Stop and think about it for a minute. I was listening to someone talk about the AMISH killings, so all of that and more is going through my head: Religious Pot Some Amish The Exclusive Brethren (because we just can’t leave them alone) A pinch of Presbytarian… Continue reading Religious Pot! (It makes a change from soggy tomato sandwiches)

A Few International Items

Michelle Malkin reports on Ramadan riots in Europe and the lack of MSM coverage thereof. She also points out the hypocrisy of the left: 1. Democrats release select part of classified report that make the Iraq report look bad. 2. President Bush then releases other parts of the report, excluding stuff that can’t be owing… Continue reading A Few International Items

So what DID Ahmadinejad say?

The media are silent: As of noon at ABC News, it is as if Ahmadinejad never spoke, as their was no reference to his address in front of the United Nations on their Web site’s front page, and is notably absent from the headlines of their political section as well. I had to search Google… Continue reading So what DID Ahmadinejad say?

Too much Heat, not enough Light

Sir Humphery’s has a very thoughtful piece on the Pope’s speech. “Sitting here thinking tonight, it came to me what Benedict was doing. I’ve read the entire speech a couple of times now, and I think that what he’s doing is reaching out to us, all of us that live in the West.” Far, far… Continue reading Too much Heat, not enough Light