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Boot Murtha

Looks like one of the entrenched members is facing a real race this time. Oh, did we mention he was caught on camera suggesting he would accept a bribe if he could get away with it?

Momentum continues to build for GOP upstart Bill Russell, who is generating conservative grass-roots buzz and cash flow for his campaign to unseat entrenched, troop-smearing corruptocrat Jack Murtha. I told you last month about Russell’s impressive fund-raising feat in the second quarter–out-raising the pork king Murtha 6 to 1 despite being unable to actively campaign while on active-duty.

Russell revved up the race this past week after completing his military service and is now out and about on the campaign trail– on his Harley!

Sounds like a good man to me, and if he gets rid of that corrupt creep after so many years, so much the better.

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