The Brown v Sperling Decision – In full (if you want)

Some people have questioned why I have posted this. The answer is very simple: I value the truth. Many people have gotten away with selectively quoting the judgement to make it say other things. The answer to these critics is to post the whole thing, and let people decide for themselves if Sperling is really the innocent party… Continue reading The Brown v Sperling Decision – In full (if you want)

In shocking news, Sperling quoted out of context

  The other day, I was fisking LMC and quoted this section and replied thus: It sets a precedent in that the law clearly states that if you obsess over someone and refuse to just leave that person alone then your own actions are what will cause you distress. As the judge said – if… Continue reading In shocking news, Sperling quoted out of context

When does the harassment stop?

  One day there was a blogger. This blogger had a habit of saying nasty things about people and had been taken to court several times already*. One day, that blogger decided, “I know, I’ll taught my friend who recently decided to attempt suicide.” So she did, and was really quite nasty. Well, that friend had a… Continue reading When does the harassment stop?

Leaking a court judgement

  Note: This post is wrong on a matter of law. I am now of the understanding that the district court rules quoted may have been misinterpreted. The post should be read in this light. Either way, if you’re taking legal advice from this blog, report to your nearest health professional immediately. Also, if you’re taking medical… Continue reading Leaking a court judgement

Cyber Harassment and Jacqueline Sperling

  It’s about time someone fisked Jacqueline Sperling**. So here goes. I find it rather amusing that after threatening me, assuring me that “we WILL win” and then wishing God’s “sword of vengeance to be meted out on me” through our justice system -that Madeleine Flannagan can now claim to be happy with losing this… Continue reading Cyber Harassment and Jacqueline Sperling