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“The disaster makes Mr Anderton’s position now look nonsensical.”

The other day, DPF posted on Jim Anderton, and how his idea of being a part time mayor was a bad idea. Unfortunately the title got in the way of the message.

Today, he’s quoting the Timaru Herald, which does a much better job.

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker’s leadership has been flawless. His political arch rival Jim Anderton must feel like Cinderella stuck at home while the disaster ball is in full swing.

Certainly it would be hard to imagine Mr Anderton’s case for being a part-time mayor while he continued his MP duties now stacking up as a viable proposition.

It was questionable before the earthquake, and the disaster makes Mr Anderton’s position now look nonsensical.

Electing Bob the Rebuilder would seem a more sensible option, and the polls show Mr Parker has been making good gains on Mr Anderton.

Forget “what if”. The earthquake has happened.

Anyone who thinks the job of mayor of Christchurch will be a part time job over the next year or so  is insulting hundreds of thousands of people. In fact it’s worse than that because the people will also have a part time MP.

Christchurch faces it’s biggest test ever. Unlike many on the right, I believe that Jim could well have done as good, or better than Parker in this crisis. I don’t know. But whether Jim Anderton is the best person for the job, we know one thing for sure – a full time Parker beats a part time Jim Anderton hands down. It’s not even a contest worth considering.

Finally, a though. With the job changing so drastically, what does it say about a man who refuses to to change in response?

Progressives and Very, Very Small Font

Seems to me that if Jim wanted to hide his authorization statements, the better way to do so would have been to change the EFA last year.





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