Key in the clear?

DPF points to the legal advice from Key’s lawyers here. The key paragraph appears to be no. 9. Mr Hodgson’s conclusion is that you still have an interest in the shares he refers to in his letter as long as Whitechapel Limited remains the owner. However, the fact that a Companies’ Office search shows that… Continue reading Key in the clear?

Key on Letterman

Well, for once I agree with The Standard. The more I think about it, the more Key’s Letterman approach is demeaning both to his office and New Zealand. Sure he did the stand up comedy competently but is that what we want our PM reduced to? A gag to be treated at best as a… Continue reading Key on Letterman

PM as Minister

An observation from Bryan Spondre at Gotcha! today: It is interesting that Helen Clark chose to be associated with the arts by becoming Minister of Arts, Culture and Heritage while John Key has taken on tourism. By becoming arts minister, Helen was making sure she kept a very vocal sector on side. There is no… Continue reading PM as Minister

Definition: Irony

Left wing blogger with poor grasp of reality (read the link labeled “barging their way into caucus” – nothing of the sort happened) and tendencies towards wild, completely baseless accusations (“an army of thugs”) towards those on the right wonders why Key has more security than Helen. Gee, why might that be?

You want the Truth? You can’t handle the Truth!

Heh, I think this is so funny. One Labour supporter repeatedly asked Mr Key to “tell the truth” about the changes National would make to the Employment Relations Act. Eventually Mr Key’s frustration boiled over. “The truth is you’re an idiot,” he yelled back. Well, if you keep asking for the truth, sooner or later… Continue reading You want the Truth? You can’t handle the Truth!

The Standard, John Key and the Dog that Does Not Bark

I realised something in the last few days. I’ve been reading The Standard, and once you muscle past the bile… actually there’s only bile. But I believe they have something of a point about John Key – he should have done a lot better managing his conflicts of interest with Tranz Rail. There is post… Continue reading The Standard, John Key and the Dog that Does Not Bark

John Key is So Awesome

I was inspired by Cactus Kate’s “Jack Baur” comment to make a further list… feel free to add your own. John Key doesn’t make losses, it’s the market that makes makes mistakes sometimes when John is ready to sell John Key smiles so much because he once won a stock picking competition with Donald Trump.… Continue reading John Key is So Awesome


Today Michael Cullen tried to imply that John Key’s employment in Merrill-Lynch meant that, because that company failed 8 years after he left, he was unfit to be PM. Frankly, when Key called this for what it was – pitiful – I don’t think I’ve ever seen the guy with a wider grin. Key normally… Continue reading Ouch