Irredeemably Morally Tainted

No Right Turn explains what most mere mortals cannot understand – why does John Key’s involvement in a company that helped sell Trans Rail in 1993 have anything to do what him leading the opposition today? Neither did it help Clark that Key had not been involved in the 1993 sale. Yet, even if he… Continue reading Irredeemably Morally Tainted

$50 From each criminal for victims

Was watching TV and saw this. All criminals will be forced to pay $50 into a special fund to compensate their victims under new National Party policy. John Key says it will help cover transport and counselling costs. But the government says the policy is a hoax and victims will only end up getting small… Continue reading $50 From each criminal for victims

Dear John (Key)

Dear John, That’s a bad way to start, but it’s your name. No, I’m not writing to give up on you, just to give you a verbal kick up the arse. And I rarely use the word “arse” on my blog. I’m using it because you deserve it. You need to stand up, drop the… Continue reading Dear John (Key)

Where Did Key Live?

Tony points out Pete Hodgson’s press release where he tries to stir up trouble against John Key. Seems that there’s potential funny business over the matter of where Mr Key lived for a while – the electoral office was told one thing, the companies office another. Tony wonders if the media will notice. I predict:… Continue reading Where Did Key Live?

John Key’s Strategy Should Be Familiar to Helen

Remember how, after Labour destroyed the Alliance, leaving nothing much to their left, their policy started to swing right in key areas? This is much of what lead to the decimation of National. Well Helen, now that Act’s gone, Key is coming after you. Where are Labour voters going to go when they’re offered a… Continue reading John Key’s Strategy Should Be Familiar to Helen