Ha ha – now that’s just funny

Jordan wants to discuss this scenario. Counting late into the night showed a Labour Party result of 39.2% and 47 seats, behind the National Party’s 43.6% and 52 seats. The Greens received 5.5% of the vote, winning seven seats, and New Zealand First scored 5.2% and six seats, with Winston Peters making a remarkable comeback… Continue reading Ha ha – now that’s just funny

Labour on Tax Cuts

The PM says… Helen Clark says tax cuts will help alleviate money issues for families Prime Minister Helen Clark says tax cuts to be announced in next month’s budget will deliver timely relief for families, and she doesn’t think GST will be removed on food. (I expect that’s the last time that photographer will be… Continue reading Labour on Tax Cuts

One of those delicious reversable posts

Jordan’s blog is always good for a few laughs these days. This all fits in well with an agenda that swept around Wellington a couple weeks ago: that National’s planning a “Shock and Awe” agenda of following on the 80s/90s agenda if it wins the election, and then spending two years trying to get everyone… Continue reading One of those delicious reversable posts

Republicans are Toast

Yawn. Yep, and Kerry is president. Look, I have to say when a minor player in either part in the USA does something stupid I just don’t care. Having said that, this is something that just might backfire massively. What Jordon doesn’t realise is that if the Republicans lose, the system over there doesn’t work… Continue reading Republicans are Toast

What Labour needs to do

Jordan, in his post “A Line in the Sand” says: And so where do we go from here? Brash needs to go. National can’t win an election with him in place. The sooner he goes the sooner National can try and start backing out of the cul de sac he has backed them into. While… Continue reading What Labour needs to do