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“I don’t have an answer to that.”

Well, that speaks volumes. After suddenly becoming “certain” that his partner killed his babies, Chris Kahui has suddenly developed memory issues.

Coroner Garry Evans, clearly exasperated by two days of murmured, monosyllabic answers, began questioning Mr Kahui. “Any normal parent would take the babies to the hospital. Why did you not act like a normal parent would have?”

Mr Wilkinson-Smith said that Mr Kahui “does not process things very quickly” and needed more time to answer.

Mr Evans said Mr Kahui had been given “a great deal of latitude with his answers”. “It’s time for him to give straight answers to straight questions.”

He asked him if he had a puppy that stopped breathing and turned blue, would he take it to the vet?

“Yes,” Mr Kahui replied.

And they had taken the babies to the doctor before?

“Yes,” Mr Kahui replied.

“So why did you not take the babies to a doctor like everyone said you should? What is your answer? Take as long as you like.”

After a long pause, Mr Kahui said: “I don’t have an answer to that.”

Well, not one that isn’t incriminating, while at the same time being plausible.

The police case is that the first time the babies showed signs of injuries was when Cru stopped breathing on the night of June 12, 2006, after Mr Kahui had been in the room alone with the boys for what he said was three minutes.

Chris Morris, a lawyer assisting the court, asked Mr Kahui what he was doing in the room.

“I think I was picking up stuff on the ground.”

“It wouldn’t take three minutes to pick up stuff, would it?”


“So what else were you doing?”

“I can’t remember what I was doing in there.”

His babies were severely injured that night. You can bet your bottom dollar that every second is burned into his brain.

But even without that, the police had him dead to rights anyway.

Police lawyer Simon Mount told Mr Kahui that police had a tape of a bugged call in which he said: “… If we never went to the doctors, they probably never would have found out”.

Sadly, the tape was not admitted at the trial.

From the photo, he seems to have spent a lot of time in front of the mirror before his appearance. I guess he didn’t think that people might make a connection between spending time on himself and not paying attention to others he was responsible for. Because that’s the thing here – regardless of who killed the twins, he was the one who failed them by not rushing them to hospital when the first signs of trouble arose.

Kahui Let Off

…and they’re not charging the mother either.

It’s clear that there was not enough certainty for either one to go down for the murder. Chris was clearly the best fit, but there was too much doubt about the role of the mother, Macsyna King.

However there is ample evidence to convict both of more “minor” crimes related to child abuse and neglect. It’s crystal clear that multiple people were involved in this household who didn’t care in the slightest for their legal and moral obligations to these children. It is simply wrong that they can all walk away from such a horrific crime.

Start the paperwork, I say.

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