Quote of the Day

Heh – DPF knows how to lay on the sarcasm! The Herald editorial also weighs in: Whoever has released recorded conversations with unwitting National MPs at the cocktail function at their party‚Äôs annual conference last weekend probably believes the ruse serves a public interest. The country now knows, if it did not before, that National… Continue reading Quote of the Day

Good Riddance

I see that kiwiblogblog – the blog started to try and pull down DPF, has folded. My limited reading of this blog never impressed me, and it always struck me as an exercise in jealousy. The stated reason for folding is that they have done their job, but more likely in my opinion is that… Continue reading Good Riddance

Bringing Out the Truth (updated)

As if to re-emphasise my point of earlier, DPF has found Winston’s old speeches, where he sets out the policies he is now condemning. I seem to remember a blog some time ago recorded an interview with Winston that went something like this: WP: “National have stolen our policies” Media: “So does that mean you’ll… Continue reading Bringing Out the Truth (updated)