Obama’s Web Cleanout

Looks like LGF has hit a nerve today. Actually, more like a motherlode of anti-semitism. Get over there for the full story, cos the MSM aint going to be covering this or their guy Obama’s DOA. Oh, and now Charles is being accused of doing it himself. Now that’s not true, but the GOP’s foot… Continue reading Obama’s Web Cleanout

“This is the beginning of the end for British policing”

Quote above from Ex-Met Flying Squad commander John O’Connor responding to the news that a Moslem police officer will be excused from guarding the Israeli Embassy. A senior source in the Metropolitan Police Federation said: ‘We are expected to serve people without fear or favour. You treat them according to their needs whether you agree… Continue reading “This is the beginning of the end for British policing”

Bringing Out the Truth

One of the best ways blogs work is to bring out facts that might otherwise remain hidden. There are many examples: Fauxtography in the recent Lebanon war Dan Rather’s fall from grace The Red Cross “targeting” incident These are a couple of majors there’s lots of examples every day. Michelle Malkin was pictured in a… Continue reading Bringing Out the Truth

“We hate the USA” Club

Little Green Footballs has a roundup of The Non-Aligned Movement of developing nations’ hoedown in Cuba. Most of these guys are despicable in their own way. (I say most as India isn’t a bad guy, they just signed a nuclear deal with the US.) Plus, we all know evil always portrays itself as good. Surely,… Continue reading “We hate the USA” Club