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Funding the Wanabe Privileged

I’ve been meaning to catch up on Liz Gordon’s latest column. For those that don’t know, Liz Gordon is one of the better comedians of the left, and has a regular column in The Press which is a pretty funny read.

Her latest makes the point that giving money to private schools is merely funding privilege. Never mind that those who would most benefit from state funding for private schools are those that can’t afford to give their kids private education at present.

Thankfully, she does mention that she herself was gifted such an education.

My father was told that either we went to boarding school, or we would be put into a children’s home. I think the local council paid most of the fees. It was, I am sure, a life-changing decision for us.

I’m not sure why she thinks that giving more children the opportunity won’t likewise change their lives for the better. (I know of at least one myself, though sadly in that case the life is already seriously damaged.)

Anyway… off topic. What I meant to say is that Save The Humans saved me the trouble of a full Fisk. Pop over there and check it out.

Liz Gordon Does it Again!

Wow, Liz Gordon is just so entertaining.

Recently, Telecom won the Roger Award for being the worst transnational corporation operating in New Zealand in 2007.

It has been a finalist in each of the 11 years the award has been operating, but has won only once before.

Telecom is a symbol of all that went wrong with the brave new world of privatisation. Sold cheap to overseas interests, successive owners have sucked billions of dollars in profits out of New Zealand, while under-investing in the infrastructure needed to maintain a high quality, basic telephone system in New Zealand.

But that’s not why those in our household hate Telecom. Actually, we moved to the opposition TelstraClear’s fibre-optic cable network about five years ago, and have been very happy with it.

The main reason that Telecom won the Roger Award was its outstandingly poor performance last year. Telecom promised high-speed internet to customers, and then found its copper cables were not up to the job.

Then, Telecom migrated to a new internet system, leaving many of its customers without any email services for up to a week, and causing ongoing problems after that.

But I don’t hate Telecom for that, even though I was out of crucial email contact with some of my colleagues around the country for days.

The sale of Telecom all those years ago was a profound mistake. And we now have the spectre of that original Roger, Mr Douglas himself, coming back into Parliament to try to finish the job. Actually, I think hell would freeze over before anyone would re-elect him, and him standing may kill off what remains of the ACT party.

No, my household does not hate Telecom for its profit-seeking, or even its incompetence. It is a privatised multi-national corporation that owes no moral allegiance to New Zealand. It acts as it must. The only cure for Telecom’s awfulness is to renationalise it, and I think that we should. The current owners have made enough profit out of us. They should now go away.

She then goes on to complain about a pole in her street that look ugly and is probably dangerous. If it is as dangerous as it sounds, she should lay a complaint on those grounds to get it removed.

But more importantly, don’t you just have to laugh at someone who thinks that a monopoly should be reinstated due to the fact that the near monopoly makes that company lazy, while using the services of the opposition, who don’t have to spend any money on old legacy infrastructure?

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