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Len Brown Wins?

The Herald is reporting in their “breaking news” banner that Len Brown has won the Auckland mayoralty.

In a race between two deeply flawed candidates, no one was ever really going to win, but it’s disappointing that a man who has so little regard for public accountability and is demonstrably unable to cope with the stresses of the job has landed the job.

However, time will tell.

Update:Report is now up

Len Brown has won the contest to be the first Mayor of the Auckland Super City.

The Manukau Mayor beat his rival Auckland City Mayor John Banks with about 95 per cent of the votes counted.

Mr Brown polled 221,167 votes, compared to 161,167 votes for Mr Banks, a victory by 60,198 votes, according to the first progress result declared after the polls closed at midday.

Businessman Colin Craig was in third place with 40,483 votes.



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