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Resource Managment – Yea Right

Imagine this.

You’re trying to open a business.

You’ve spent a 6 figure sum on building up a proposal for a cafe that will benefit the community. But there are objectors. There’s even a group setup to oppose you. One of the foundation members states in their submission:

“a cafe would make Piha less unique, less restful, and bring more traffic and noise”.

Then, you turn around and find that the person behind that statement is starting their own cafe, but not a fixed location with amenities for the community. Rather, they simply have an enormous and ugly caravan from which they will sell coffee and go, freeloading on existing facilities and skirting the law.

Disgraceful, and still no shame whatsoever.

“This is more like the Piha thing: it can go to all the big beach events and be put away. It’s not intrusive, there’s no one pulling in in their cars and no roadside advertising.”

Ms Anderson said she believed Piha did not need a built-in cafe like that proposed by Ellis’ company Preserve Piha.

“And let’s not forget the biggest thing for me is my home and my campers – Marc is a likeable chap but how would you like him opening a business 10m from your bedroom window? Well, I don’t.

Huh. What would you want in your community?


No contest.

I love this comment.

Thanks for doing this Fiona, it not only proves that the appeal of you and your PPH friends to the Environment Court is not only vexatious but hypocritical as well. You actions have surely assisted us in our endeavour to attain a civilized place to meet and eat in Piha. Bring on The Boy’s cafe.

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