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If Israel Stopped Fighting…

NRT again, this time playing useful idiot to terrorists.

Today 40,000 Palestinians formed a human chain on their northern border with Israel to protest against the latter’s continued economic blockade.

Yes, and they were expecting up to 50,000.

Israel’s response?

Some areas on the Israeli side of the border were declared closed military zones and foreign journalists were prohibited from entering Gaza as 5,000 police backed up troops amid reports that the Israeli military had stationed an artillery battery and snipers close to the border fence.

In other words, prepare for a massacre.

Of Israelis. Does anyone expect this number of people breaking out would just go around hugging people? Last I heard, Hamas wasn’t really into that sort of thing, but maybe they’ve completely thrown away all their core principles and become nice cuddly puppies.

Or, this was a stunt for the media. And the left.

Fortunately it did not come to that, despite the doom-laden ravings from the Israeli right, but its indicitive of their attitude to the Palestinians that that would be their response to a peaceful protest.

Yea, after 100 or so suicide bombings, the tendency is to get a little doom-laden. One of the disadvantages of being pelted with rockets and other explosives from all sides after cutting out your own heart to help these people is a tendency towards negativity.

(Oh, and call that a successful stunt.)

As for whether these new tactics will work, I doubt it. Ghandi understood that nonviolent resistance requires that your enemy have enough shame to be reluctant to simply massacre people.

Which is why Israel has never considered nonviolent resistance themselves.

And given Israel’s longstanding inability to draw any distinction between combatants and civilians

The guy who just dropped his gun after you shot him is a civilian. What combatants?

and its prediliction for collective punishment,

…which is always totally random, I mean they’re just high explosives, what’s a few (hundred) rockets between friends?

I’m not sure that that can really be relied upon. OTOH, it’s worth a try, and is a lot, lot better than killing people.

It’s often said that if the Palestinians stoped fighting they would have almost instant prosperity (like the did when the Isralis actually did control the place). If Israel stopped fighting, they would be massacred.

So I guess it would be worth a try for the Palestinians to stop killing, but they can’t even stop killing themselves so no one is holding their breath.


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