Sickening Pro-Government Police Corruption

Hooton has a post today on his OIA request regarding the Brash Email affair. It makes sickening reading. This is the sort of pro-government political manipulation & undermining of the opposition we have come to expect from Zimbabwe, not here in New Zealand. The fact that Matthew has to explain *why* this is important would… Continue reading Sickening Pro-Government Police Corruption

Lefty Makes Threats

(Short story: if you read no other posts this week, read this from Hooton) I initially didn’t think much of the comment moderation over at what is now Chris Trotter and Matthew Hooton’s blog, but once Matthew came on board, it put it in a different context. In fact, it’s quite good to ahve a… Continue reading Lefty Makes Threats

Indeed He Should

Hooton nails it. If you, Dr Cullen, as Deputy Prime Minister, really don’t have confidence in the SFO, you should explain why, or shut the [expletive deleted] up. Because it is a constitutional crisis for the Deputy Prime Minister not to have confidence in a major law enforcement agency, especially one investigating the Foreign Minister.… Continue reading Indeed He Should

Hooton Blogging

We must really welcome Matthew Hooton to the blogosphere. His first post is very, very good. Peter, in various interviews, has said that he doesn’t give a damn about the possible breaches of the electoral laws and that his job is to defend his client on the more serious criminal allegations of fraud.  Worryingly for… Continue reading Hooton Blogging