Our lipstick beats their Dipstick

Wow. Wow. Palin drew a crowd of 60,000 in a Florida rally. And she did it without the enticements that Obama has a habit of offering. In comments: It’s even better than stated in the story. Obama drew a crowd of 20,000 in a town of 671,588 (according to Wikipedia). Sarah Palin drew a crowd… Continue reading Our lipstick beats their Dipstick

Obama not condemming hacker

As you may have read, a hacker has accessed Palin’s email and trolled through it, finding nothing incriminating or embarrassing. Actually, that’s almost embarrassing in itself, having nothing juicy sitting in your inbox. Anyho, LGF claimed that Obama has not condemned the hacker. I though “that can’t possibly be right” and went over to Obama’s… Continue reading Obama not condemming hacker

Never mind the facts no. 2,355

Never mind the facts where you’re bashing the right. According to one Joe Klein, McCain’s speech was “truly offensive“. Why? Well, in part because McCain can’t time travel. Seriously, I’m not joking. Amongst other things, Klein was disappointed that McCain didn’t talk about the 6.1 percent unemployment rate in the nation despite this being impossible… Continue reading Never mind the facts no. 2,355

Tasergate, not Troopergate

Palin’s biggest scandal is that she sought the ouster of a trooper who was divorcing his sister. Well, reading this she a) had multiple, very, very, very good reasons to ask for his dismissal, including his using and threatening use police weapons on minors – for fun b) declared her connections frankly and openly Frankly,… Continue reading Tasergate, not Troopergate

Palin Attacks Backfire… again!

Barack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination for president on Thursday as an estimated 38 million viewers watched on television, setting a new record for convention viewership, according to Nielsen Media Research. But hang on… I think it’s just absolutely horrible. But thank God they’re doing it, because I understand, for instance, the media has pushed… Continue reading Palin Attacks Backfire… again!

Media Not Helping Democrats

The US public are not fooled by the media circus over Palin. Newsbusters has details. “Over half of U.S. voters (51%) think reporters are trying to hurt Sarah Palin with their news coverage, and 24% say those stories make them more likely to vote for Republican presidential candidate John McCain in November,” Rasmussen Reports announced… Continue reading Media Not Helping Democrats