Herald joins mean-spirited media

Huh. Looking at the Herald’s “World” section for McCain’s speech I was greeted with the headline “Glow from Palin’s speech will fade“. Talk about mean-spirited. Even more obviously biased when the same writer has a story entitled “Obama’s day of destiny arrives” Couldn’t be clearer really. Talk down the right, talk up the left. Hm,… Continue reading Herald joins mean-spirited media

Obama is King

I had a conversation with some non-political types a few weeks ago, and they wondered why there was no coverage of Republican candidates. I told them I though it’d get better after the Dems decided their candidate. How. For years Chris Matthews has been proclaiming defeat in Iraq, on an almost nightly basis, on “Hardball”… Continue reading Obama is King

Media on Iraq

Well, the media will not report on the good news from Iraq, but they will report on one of their own who’s been sleeping with a married federal contractor she met there. Oh, she’s also having his baby. NewsBusters identifies what’s going on and they don’t mince words. Here is the problem with the news… Continue reading Media on Iraq

TV3 – Objective Journalism out the Window on Smacking

Was watching TV3 at 7:30, and their news updated reported that the smacking petition had “failed” because “people cheated by signing more than once”. Quite aside from the fact that the petition has not failed, it paints those who signed as dishonest where reality is that all petitions have this. The real story here is… Continue reading TV3 – Objective Journalism out the Window on Smacking