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Guess who?

Guess who the owner of this magazine donates to.

Obama is King

I had a conversation with some non-political types a few weeks ago, and they wondered why there was no coverage of Republican candidates. I told them I though it’d get better after the Dems decided their candidate.


For years Chris Matthews has been proclaiming defeat in Iraq, on an almost nightly basis, on “Hardball” but on Tuesday night he finally admitted the success of the surge that John McCain supported. However, the MSNBC host claimed it would be Barack Obama that would get to enjoy the spoils.

After Newsweek’s Howard Fineman suggested, “We’re not losing,” and pointed out the surge success would make it easier for a troop pullout, Matthews admitted the following:

MATTHEWS: Senator McCain wanted the surge to work, it worked politically and Barack Obama is the beneficiary. Not exactly the right development, politically, for him.


Some of my more paranoid friends on the right see “liberal bias” in the decision of the New York Times to reject John McCain’s op-ed about Iraq. As their “evidence” they cite the fact that, just one week ago, the same paper published Barack Obama’s op-ed on the same topic.

But New York Times editor David Shipley has made it clear that the paper wasn’t rejecting any op-ed by McCain, just the one he wrote.]


In contrast, she pointed out, as if CBS News couldn’t have done anything about it, that “last night John McCain arrived in Manchester, New Hampshire” and was greeted by just “two journalists waiting on the tarmac.” She also noted that “his campaign has revealed a contest: Two videos featuring what they claim is a media love affair with Obama.” They “claim”? How about they “illustrate.”

Earlier in the newscast, she set up the second segment of the interview with Obama, which she traveled to Jordan to conduct: “Senator Obama hopes this trip will enhance his credibility as a world leader, something I asked him about in our exclusive interview earlier today.”

McCain’s three-minute interview, done via satellite from New Hampshire, delivered 18 times more coverage time than he received from the CBS Evening News during his trip to Iraq. When McCain visited Iraq the week of March 16, the MRC’s Kyle Drennen documented, the CBS Evening News allocated “only 31 words, a grand total of 10 seconds, to the Republican nominee’s Iraq visit during the entire week.”


Oh, and did I mention that even after being proved wrong, he still thinks he was right to oppose the surge.

This guy has to be the king of idiots. First get your platform of anti-war and a campaign of hope, change, and pulling the troops out. After this, turn around and praise the success of a strategy you were against and change your position about troop withdrawal. After getting beaten with the backlash of your own base, go back to the original anti-war position and say something idiotic like calling a successful strategy a bad one. Don’t forget to throw in utter arrogance by stating that your plan of surrender might of, could of, should of, perhaps worked as well if certain imaginary factors might have played out differently. Also give credit for the success of the strategy you call bad to decisions made by the enemy, and belittle the U.S. military’s role as much as possible. If anything will get you elected as Commander in Chief, this will, especially if you act like an arrogant rock star on a world tour the whole time.

Muslims will never accept equality

It’s not well known in the west just how hard it is to setup churches in Muslim countries – almost impossible in most cases.

But someone has come up with a compromise: if the Pope becomes Muslim, they’ll allow a catholic church.

Anwar Ashiqi, president of the Saudi centre for Middle East strategic studies, endorsed this view in an interview on the site of Arab satellite TV network, al-Arabiya on Thursday.

“I haven taken part in several meetings related to Islamic-Christian dialogue and there have been negotiations on this issue,” he said.

“It would be possible to launch official negotiations to construct a church in Saudi Arabia only after the Pope and all the Christian churches recognise the prophet Mohammed.”

“If they don’t recognise him as a prophet, how can we have a church in the Saudi kingdom?”

Given that by definition only a Muslim can do that, what this really is is a demand to submit. Can you imagine it if a Mosque’s resource consent was predicated on the Imam going to the local cathedral and stating that Jesus is the Son of God?

They’ll get away with it while our media obsesses minor Christian transgressions, ignoring the outright persecution in the middle east.

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