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Muliaga – Who else can be blamed?

Unfortunately, it’s becoming more and more clear that Mrs Folole Muliaga was not killed by any electricity company or contractor, she was killed by the lifestyle and decisions that she herself made.

That’s sad, but it’s the truth.

Now, “the poor are not allowed blanketsMia is saying… well, let’s use her own words. It would be a shame not to.

The daughter talked of the way she was treated by hospital staff, who discharged Folole Muliaga because her bed was needed… [thanks to the demands placed upon the hospital by the socialist health system – S1]

The idea that we can all control our own health, if we have the right ‘lifestyle’ runs strong in our society. The underpinnings of this idea can be challenged in so many ways. But I think we need to reject the underlying ideology and see that the blame that Folole Muliaga’s daughter felt isn’t incidental to this idea, but it’s raison d’etre. We’re supposed to be distracted from all the other reasons why poor pacific island immigrants die in South Auckland, and blame the woman herself.

Foloe Muliaga’s death is a tragedy for so many reasons, but the hospital system’s culpability shouldn’t be ignored, just because of the horrific role played by the power company.

But clearly her own actions should. Let’s look at those actions, reported today. (The following are direct quotes from the article, emphasis mine.)

  • Ms Hart said she warned Mrs Muliaga repeatedly about her diet, which included fatty foods, and her lack of exercise.
  • At one point she showed Mrs Muliaga an X-ray of her chest showing her enlarged heart and explained her heart would not cope if she did not take her health seriously.
  • Mrs Muliaga had admitted to her that at times she did not take her medication, despite being told she needed to in order to reduce fluid and help her breathing.
  • Ms Hart said this was the only time Mrs Muliaga shared any concerns about power costs or financial concerns and they arranged a monthly payment to cover the extra costs.
  • During her home visits and at the clinic, Ms Hart said she had stressed the need to use the oxygen machine at least 16 hours a day at the required dose.
  • Earlier Andrew Veale, a respiratory specialist, told the court he would have expected Mrs Muliaga to go to hospital or take appropriate action in calling for help if she felt her condition was deteriorating.

So she was warned about her diet, was shown xrays, chose not to take her medication (her medication would have been state funded), and doctors naturally expected her to go back to hospital if she got worse.

She ignored the warnings, and chose not to access life saving treatment at a hospital. As much as one hates blaming the victim, in this case it’s just the way things went down.

I’d encourage people to read the whole thing. It’s clear that this woman had plenty of help, plenty of warning and knew that she was going to die. In all this, it’s also clear that her family was in the dark over many things and that has now been used by an unscrupulous man to gain political power.

I was listening to the radio the other day to the great list of things that Mercury is doing to try and prevent this. They’re doing a lot of things, because they did not do one thing wrong. Not. One. Thing. So they now have to do dozens of things just in case someone dies after their electricity is cut off, no matter what happened before that.

But as Mia says – they won’t just blame the power company, they’ll go after anyone else too, even socialist hospitals.

Update: Missed this in the Herald. Seems she was pretty much on the way out as far as the Doctors were concerned.

Counties Manukau District Health Board also revealed today it would not have tried to save Folole Muliaga if her heart had stopped.

Medical records presented to the Coroner show that if Mrs Muliaga had suffered a cardiac arrest in hospital, no attempt would have been made to resuscitate her.

Rape and Responsiblity

If you feel like crossing over to a land where up is down and green is brown, have a look at this thread on Mia’s blog where among the wild and bizarre accusations thrown out by the feminists, the current final comment reads…

I think the ideological point of view you mention Dave, is the crazy idea that when rape happens in our society it is more than just one “nasty” person attacking someone, but a reflection of the sexist regime we live under.
Is it that crazy to assert that men should change their behaviour (ie stop raping women) rather than women changing theirs?
Because that is something that is not being said on ads on tv or anywhere else in the mainstream – so its good to see it said here.

She then agrees with a previous commenter who likened the idea that “women should be careful when drinking” to telling women that their privates are like an ipod – a “piece of property”. Hm, next time my wife tells me not to go out drinking lest I get my head cracked open on the pavement after a drunken fight, I’ll try that line – “My head is not property like an ipod”!

It’d be great if we could stop rape*. Fantastic. Sadly there are evil people in the world and we have to live with that reality. It’s no use standing in front of a freight train saying “it would be morally wrong for that train driver to hit me”. It doesn’t matter how right or wrong something is, some things are just reality.

A valid point is made during the debate that of all the drinkers, only the woman is a victim – and all 3 are blamed for what happened. Except the blame is only in the eye of the beholder, it’s created in the minds of these bloggers, and they take that to bizarre extremes, vastly beyond anything the creators of the ads had in mind – warning people about drinking too much.

One of the commentors has a post on another blog where she says:

I won’t go over the points that Maia has made, but I did want to add one more issue about the ad and the rape myths it perpetuates – namely that stranger rape in a dark alley (whether you are drunk or sober) is How Rape Happens. Actually most rapists know their victims, often already very intimately. Strangers are not usually the real danger.

This one reminds me of the guy who walked onto a plane with a fake bomb, thinking the odds of 2 bombs being on board were astronomical.

That’s not how statistics work. If statistics show that most rapes are from people known to the victim, that doesn’t change the danger of a woman being drunk in a bar by herself. This ad points out that danger, the fact that there is a danger of being a victim of the same crime in a different way has nothing to do with it.

*It’d be even better if these bloggers spent their time working on ways to stop rape in the real world.

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