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Michael Moore is a Big Fat Liar (Again)

Witness the amazing truth stretching antics of the Michael Moore.

And notice how Moore delves into his typical labyrinthine word-smithing: He says that the supposed 10% French income tax “pays for everything,” and that each thing that that 10% pays for is itemized on a Frenchman’s paycheck. But at the same he states that “what they (the French) do is they have these other taxes.” Hmm. I’m left scratching my head — does the supposed 10% French income tax “pay for everything” … or are there “these other taxes” as well? It’s pretty obvious it’s the latter (since there’s that French 19.6% VAT in addition to income taxes) but when it comes to Moore playing it straight, well that’s quite a bit to ask now, isn’t it?

Read the whole thing.


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