Racism – how you end up being your own worst enemy

Guess who said this: a white supremicist, or an “anti-racist” correspondent to Michelle Malkin. Take a walk in Arizona. By yourself. Because you are not white no matter how hard you try to be white, you will never be white . no matter how hard you try to speak like a white person. you will… Continue reading Racism – how you end up being your own worst enemy

Obama’s Community Organiser Experience

Michelle Malkin makes some good points about what was said by Republicans at the convention about Obama’s community organizer experience. Point 1: No one is mocking real community organisers, just pointing out that that job is hardly good experience to move into the White House on. Let me clarify something. Nobody is mocking community organizers… Continue reading Obama’s Community Organiser Experience

AP Owes Money

Heh, the AP is wanting to charge bloggers money for using their reports in their blogs. Michelle Malkin fires back a few salvos. It seems that the Associated Press is not above quoting a few bloggers itself.

Bringing Out the Truth

One of the best ways blogs work is to bring out facts that might otherwise remain hidden. There are many examples: Fauxtography in the recent Lebanon war Dan Rather’s fall from grace The Red Cross “targeting” incident These are a couple of majors there’s lots of examples every day. Michelle Malkin was pictured in a… Continue reading Bringing Out the Truth

Partisan Retoric

David Limbaugh outlines very well what Bush would have said on 9/11 of he had been trying to give a partisan speech. Worth reading, just to get your self back in balance with reality. Speaking of reality, it appears there’s a bit of a shortage around at the moment. Exhibit A: What’s his name from… Continue reading Partisan Retoric