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Update on the By Election

Apparently, candidates have been chosen for Mt Albert.

Labour head office appointed theirs, and a silly conspiracy has been alleged regarding National’s. The Standard has lashed out at the Greens who dared to speak evil against the most-important-party-that-has-ever-existed.

Let me know when something interesting happens.

I’m enjoying what people are writing, but I just don’t seem to be able to care to contribute something myself. I guess I just have other things to do at the moment.

Kiwiblog however, has the opposite reaction, attempting to pick how many votes will be gained or lost by various details.

Update: I keep notes on non-blog things I want to blog in Google Reader, I seem to have not bothered to note anything since the 28th, and only two since the 21st.

Usually if I get in such a funk I’ve found suitable stuipidty to pull apart on the left, but I’m afraid that I’ve been reading too little of their nonsense lately and I’m worried that I might accidently overdose. Who cares anyway? They lost after all.


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