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Someone at the UN needs their head seen to

This is insane on so many levels. People in Myanmar need food, shelter. They’ve lost homes and loved ones.

So what does the UN send in?


The United Nations will send nearly a quarter of a million condoms into cyclone-hit Myanmar to help needy survivors with no access to contraceptives, a UN official says.

So far, the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) said it had sent 72 800 condoms to survivors struggling to maintain their family planning after the storm hit in early May.

One would like to think this is a hoax, but I’ve read somewhere that the UN has focused on contraception to the point where it is far more available than fresh water.


Original source. Apparently last time the UN chipped into “relief efforts” they also made sure to include manual power abortion machines, missing from the reports this time.

Why does the Burmese Goverment Hate Outsiders?

I received an email today, that in part quoted an email from someone working near Burma/Myanmar. Because of the sensitivities in that area, I won’t post it online, but I thought it important to outline some of the facts contained.

  • There is at least 5,000 sq km of land under water that is not going to come back
  • Estimates of the dead are running at up to and over 1,500,000.
  • Limited aid is entering the country via smugglers routes run by Christians

But more importantly is the fate of the Koren people. Apparently these people have been at the butt end of a government attempt to wipe them out for over 30 years. That seems to be the main reason why the government does not want foreign workers in the country – they might discover something the government wants kept under wraps.

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