Bozell Column: What Democrat Scandal?

Brent Bozell’s latest column is posted on NewsBusters, and he makes a very good point. In October 2006 the national media projected Rep. Mark Foley’s online sex chats with House pages into a disaster that would swallow the Grand Old Party whole. CBS, for example, proclaimed it the “congressional equivalent of Katrina.” In 2008, when… Continue reading Bozell Column: What Democrat Scandal?

Non-Partisan Experts

Newsbusters shines the light on one of the MSM tricks that are less odvious to the general public. One of the favors the media routinely perform for liberal politicians is citing left-of-center think tanks as “non-partisan” entities, who just happen to have evidence proving the awfulness of conservative policies. A classic example occurred on the… Continue reading Non-Partisan Experts

Iraq news turns corner

Well, the MSM has finally got to admit that Iraq is getting better. Here’s how they do it. “No matter who’s elected President in November, his foreign policy team will have to deal with…the slow pace with which the government in Baghdad operates.” Always the negative, but they can no longer claim that the new… Continue reading Iraq news turns corner

Bozell Column: Liberal Smears Unchallenged

Brent Bozell makes some salient points on the behavior of the left in this year’s presidential election. The general election season is under way, and the leftists are already displaying their hypocrisy. They’ve launched pre-emptive warnings against a Republican “swiftboating” of Barack Obama at the same time they’re making up wild allegations about the villainous… Continue reading Bozell Column: Liberal Smears Unchallenged

LA Times – For all your fictional news!

NewsBusters reports: A new movie called “Bloodline” purports itself to be a documentary that claims to have found evidence that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and their “bloodline” has been kept secret by the Catholic Church and a group called the “Priory of Sion.” (NB’s Scott Whitlock and Mark Finkelstein have written on this… Continue reading LA Times – For all your fictional news!