NRT Launches Vicious Attack Against Extreme Left

The left has been getting pretty bad, but I had no idea that things were so bad that even their own cheerleaders are starting to see where they are heading. This is what happens when you pursue a conscious strategy of whipping up hate and pandering to extremists to radicalise the party base for the… Continue reading NRT Launches Vicious Attack Against Extreme Left

Lefties Don’t Admit Mistakes?

Having a look through some left-wing blogs, I note that they all post on Key’s “Gaffe”. The Standard Such ignorance is not befitting of a man who would be Prime Minister. I don’t care how nice your smile is; if you don’t know the first thing about New Zealand history, you’re not in a position to… Continue reading Lefties Don’t Admit Mistakes?

Citizen’s Juries

No Right Turn has a go at National over citizen’s juries. Last year, when they passed the Electoral Finance Act, the government promised a citizens’ jury to investigate wider issues around electoral administration and political party funding. Now National is opposing that process, [As if they didn’t before! – S1] calling it “part of a… Continue reading Citizen’s Juries

Pork for Schools? It’s all in the timing.

No Right Turn opens up on National over their calling Labour’s education spending “pork”. …according to the right, education – a core function of government which provides the basis of opportunity to every New Zealander – is “pork”. Meanwhile, promising additional funding for private schools – an explicit state subsidy to private enterprise and the… Continue reading Pork for Schools? It’s all in the timing.

That’s the sort of think shitty little autocrats do

Some strange and inconsistent thinking comes from the keyboard of No Right Turn. …Since then, MMP has given us democratic government, better representation, greater diversity, and greater legitimacy. And now National wants to roll it back. T This shouldn’t come as any surprise – the right has always hated democracy, seeing it as a check… Continue reading That’s the sort of think shitty little autocrats do

Irony – The Left Does it Best

Poneke has given up blogging. Pity – he was a good writer. But NRT’s comments on it are rather amusing, considering the source. And so the sewer (who had been turning up recently and leaving their usual turds around, and reacted particularly nastily to Poneke’s recent pieces criticising them) bullies another intelligent, articulate voice into… Continue reading Irony – The Left Does it Best

Misrepresentation from Whom?

NRT gets a bit upset. Last year, the Heartland Institute (a US climate-change denial thinktank) published a list of 500 scientists they say disagree with the central theses of anthropogenic global warming (that the climate is changing and that it’s our fault). Unfortunately, but perhaps as should be expected from an organisation which takes money… Continue reading Misrepresentation from Whom?