No Plot to Avoid Referendum – Just More Slander

No Right Turn performs a public service and explains to all us simpletons how the Government Statistician’s numbers appeared to be so wrong. The Government Statistician checked 29,501, and found that 25,754 (87.3%) were valid. Multiply that proportion by the 324,511 and you get 283,294 – just 1,733 signatures short of the number required. So… Continue reading No Plot to Avoid Referendum – Just More Slander

Socialist “Care” Showing it’s True Colours

NRT doesn’t get it. Socialists don’t care, they just take money from those they deem rich, and give to those they want votes off. Then they call that caring. But it’s not more caring than feeding children lollies every day of their lives. Even more obscene is that Labour, the party that is supposed to… Continue reading Socialist “Care” Showing it’s True Colours

Is Solid Energy at it again?

Solid Energy is again taking steps to influtrate the “protest” groups that are trying to disrupt their legal business. I/S over at No Right Turn believes that this contravenes their requirement of “social responsibility“. Hm, so tax cuts that might help people are seen as a threat to goverment revenue. But a threat to government… Continue reading Is Solid Energy at it again?

Quote of the Day – Fairness

From NRT. This law is fundamentally about two things: fairness and dignity. And it is sad to see that our employers, as represented by their membership organisations, do not believe in those values. Which is funny, because the post assumes that the workers complaints are 100% justified. There is nothing from employers to either agree… Continue reading Quote of the Day – Fairness