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Winston is F$$ked

Winston is done, done and dusted if nothing else, then for this quote.

Bolstering Mr Glenn’s version of events, Melbourne Cup-winning horse trainer Paul Moroney provided an affidavit confirming that he heard Mr Peters thanking Mr Glenn for the donation at the Karaka horse sales in 2006.

So that’s 2 people calling him a liar directly, as well as his own contradictory statements.

It’s all over bar the shouting (and sentencing).

Update: Hooton has more.

If we lived in a normal democracy, Mr Williams and Mr Peters would be fired from the Labour presidency and as a minister respectively by the 6pm news. Clark would also come under serious investigation for the possibility that she was involved in orchestrating bribes to other political parties to support her Government. And we still don’t know who offered Tariana Turia $250,000 to sell out to Labour.

But we’re no longer a normal democracy, so Clark, Williams and Peters can all rest easy. And Glenn will continue to be smeared by people like Fairbrother, Cullen and, of course, the revolting Trevor Mallard (he of the “scars on the head” smear).

Does the government care about this Country?

Not while we have a foreign minister who doesn’t give a toss if he supports key policies of this country. No, Winston is going to take our internal politics and parade it all over the world, with the hope that this somehow will benefit him.

I was coming close to admitting that Winston’s been doing a good job. Lucky for me, he’s resorted to type – being a complete and utter idiot, no matter the cost to the country he purports to put first.

But that’s Winston, he does that. Helen’s government on the other hand, is the one who put him there knowing all this full well, so hence my headline points to them, not the clown himself.

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