May Halfdone NZ Blog Stats

Included a lot of new blogs this month, and it looks like there’s a lot more out there. We’ve now got 696 blogs in the list here, with over 876 in the list (i.e. including ones that are now defunct and/or gone since they were added). The “Art” category is in desperate need of splitting,… Continue reading May Halfdone NZ Blog Stats

March Halfdone NZ Blog Stats

Very late I know, but it seems some people are still interested! 🙂 To be included, blogs must contain posts on topics of interest to the general public. For a more detailed criteria list, see July.

Blog Rankings

Ok, so I guess no one’s missed the blog rankings. After last month’s farce, I decided that there were a few aspects that needed tidying up. One issue is that there are a number of blogs that are simply not there anymore – gone. I’ve now gone through the “defunct” blogs and discovered about 40… Continue reading Blog Rankings