May Halfdone NZ Blog Stats

Included a lot of new blogs this month, and it looks like there’s a lot more out there. We’ve now got 696 blogs in the list here, with over 876 in the list (i.e. including ones that are now defunct and/or gone since they were added). The “Art” category is in desperate need of splitting,… Continue reading May Halfdone NZ Blog Stats

March Halfdone NZ Blog Stats

Very late I know, but it seems some people are still interested! 🙂 To be included, blogs must contain posts on topics of interest to the general public. For a more detailed criteria list, see July.

What happened on the 25th?

In my Scrubone google reader account, I have registered over 500 active feeds for various NZ blogs. This gives me nice graphs like this, showing how many posts were posted each day across the New Zealand blogosphere. Nice to see so many people actually getting off their blogs for the holidays, though it seems with… Continue reading What happened on the 25th?