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This Year’s Pratice Shot

How wrong is it for New Zealand to condemn Israel, under daily attack from hostile terrorists, when our defense forces firing a single missile makes the news, and is still the top defense story on the biggest news website 5 days later?

Maritime Component commander Commodore Tony Parr said the test was a good example of aircrew and sailors working together in testing the Defence Force’s capabilities.

“Regular weapons firings are part of our development and maintenance of operational capability.

Yes, they are very regular I’m sure. Maybe they’ll miss it in 2012?

Exercises like the one this week allow air and ground crews to practise preparation, loading and firing procedures as well as the handling of live forward firing ordnance on our ships.

“Hopefully we’ll never have to use these missiles in anger. But it increases confidence in our ability to handle a live weapon and our competence in doing it day or night from a moving platform.”

Worse still, I think they actually intended us to take that last sentence seriously. Personally, I’d have though handling live weapons to a member of our armed forces should be as familiar as an office worker operating a PC.

Actually, that may be a bad example for some people 🙂


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