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Obama and Nixon Video Mashup

This has been sitting in my “drafts” for some time (along with a bunch of other stuff, some of which is the result of tip-offs).

Since I first saw it, Obama has completely changed his tune, calling scandals “phony” that he was previously calling “inexcusable”.


If you opposed Bush on imaginary grounds, you were a patriot.

Watch as MSNBC tries to cover for Obama’s IRS scandal. The left have used Obama’s skin colour as a weapon before, but it’s usually not anything like this this naked.

Thing is, during the Bush years, there were a lot of fears floating around about how him seizing power and such. All but a few of these were completely baseless, held up only by vivid imaginations.

On the other hand, when you have a situation like the IRS scandal, where the government persecuted members of the public who happened to oppose the president, you get this sort of response.

People sign card thanking the IRS for persecuting conservatives

Ignorance? Or just sheer disgusting unprincipled behaviour?

Recall that Nixon never actually succeeded in getting the IRS to do this sort of thing as the commissioner refused to do it. Yet here’s young people who are actually pleased it happened.

But it’s not really surprising they found signers, since the New York Times appears to take the same attitude as these deplorable young people. But I’d sure like to know how hard they worked to find them. The video make it look like it was really easy, but you never know how these things are edited.

Eric Holder – Only a matter of time

The other day Eric Holder testified before congress.

Unfortunately, he played the innocent act a little carelessly and told a rather obvious lie.

“In regard to potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material — this is not something I’ve ever been involved in, heard of, or would think would be wise policy,” Holder said during the hearing.

The problem is of course, that it’s fairly well known that Holder signed off on the spying of Fox News journalist James Rosen.

The catch is this: If Holder never considered prosecution of journalists including Rosen, then the affidavit laying out a purported criminal case against Rosen was a ruse, a false statement under oath, directed to the court to conduct a wide-ranging dragnet. If, on the other hand, the affidavit which Holder signed off on is true in laying out the case against Rosen, then he didn’t level with Congress. In either event, he needs to come back and explain himself. If he refuses or takes the Fifth, there is no alternative but to name a special prosecutor.

It’s the same trap that a certain Labour cabinet minister was caught in a few years ago. However in this instance, there’s no question of the media ignoring the rather obvious implications of the contradictions as they did for David Parker here.

Liberals scoff at the notion that Holder might be forced to resign, but if he is now a subject of further investigation, it is untenable for him to remain and preposterous for him to conduct a probe of the Justice Department as the president ordered.

You don’t have the moral authority to be the country’s top investigator if you’re under investigation yourself.

Holder must be feeling the heat, for how else to explain a ludicrous puff piece in the Daily Beast waxing lyrical on the attorney general: “[S]ources close to the attorney general says he has been particularly stung by the leak controversy, in large part because his department’s—and his own—actions are at odds with his image of himself as a pragmatic lawyer with liberal instincts and a well-honed sense of balance—not unlike the president he serves.”

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that there are still media who are happy to cover for the administration, even as they are being uncovered for what they are.

Oh puleez. Even worse than the ah-isn’t-he-really-a-good-guy tone throughout, are we really supposed to believe that “for Attorney General Eric Holder, the gravity of the situation didn’t fully sink in until Monday morning when he read the Post’s front-page story, sitting at his kitchen table. Quoting from the affidavit, the story detailed how agents had tracked Rosen’s movements in and out of the State Department, perused his private emails, and traced the timing of his calls to the State Department security adviser suspected of leaking to him”?

Surprising how many members of the Obama administration have so little knowledge about what’s going on under their leadership, that they find out about things by reading the newspaper.

That excuse didn’t really work for Obama though, there’s no way it’ll work for Holder. He has now had two out of control investigations into different media organisations, investigations that have grossly over-reached and broken pretty much every rule in the book.

Let’s face it, who really believes those where the only ones?

Obama’s war on journalism

This is absolutely, utterly incredible.

The Washington Post has today revealed that the Obama administration has been spying on a Fox news journalist.

The Kim case began in June 2009, when Rosen reported that U.S. intelligence officials were warning that North Korea was likely to respond to United Nations sanctions with more nuclear tests. The CIA had learned the information, Rosen wrote, from sources inside North Korea.

The story was published online the same day that a top-secret report was made available to a small circle within the intelligence community — including Kim, who at the time was a State Department arms expert with security clearance.

So he Mr Rosen got the “inside goss”. Classified yes, but not particularly earth-shattering.

The Administration’s response? They went to court.

Reyes wrote that there was evidence Rosen had broken the law, “at the very least, either as an aider, abettor and/or co-conspirator.” That fact distinguishes his case from the probe of the AP, in which the news organization is not the likely target.

Using italics for emphasis, Reyes explained how Rosen allegedly used a “covert communications plan” and quoted from an e-mail exchange between Rosen and Kim that seems to describe a secret system for passing along information.

In case you missed it, the US government went to court and told that court that a journalist was in breach of the law, for doing his job.

This is bad for Obama. A lot of news outlets hate Fox for various reasons, but they’re not so blinded that they can’t work out that the administration is completely out of control.

I think there might be a little more of a critical eye on the president from now on.

AP Wiretap Story just got serious

Remember that the AP had it’s phone records grabbed without them being told, because the revealed a terror plot?

Well, fair enough you say – if they compromised an ongoing investigation they should be investigated for possible breaches of the law.

Well, here’s the thing: there was no compromise of an investigation. See, the AP was negotiating with the US government on releasing the story. AP was told that the  government  wanted to announce it’s success before AP published the story – a story they’d already been sitting on for days because of the security concerns.

Under these circumstances, it is hard to believe that the AP’s release of the story on Monday threatened national security. In fact, the news organization was explicitly told at that point that it did not. Foiling the ability of the administration to chest-thump is not the same as endangering national security.

Or to put in bluntly: the Obama administration ins harassing journalists for getting in the way of their PR.

When you put this against the various accusations that the Benghazi cover-up was due to the embarrassment it might have caused for the Obama administration (hard to claim a foreign policy success in Libya when your embassy has just been attacked – as opposed to a protest turning violent because of some you-tube video), and the IRS scandal, a very clear picture begins to emerge of a president who has used the levers of power to entrench that power.

Recall with Benghazi, the Hillary Clinton told the families they’d “get the guy” who did it, and promptly arrested Mr Nakoula for his youTube video. That was the guy they said they’d “get” even though he had nothing to do with it. But he was a good scapegoat – easily caught and slaughtered. Seems the guys who actually did the deed aren’t even close to being apprehended (nor is the administration looking keen to get on with that job in spite of it’s promises). Note the PR is taken care of (we “got the guy”) while the security isn’t a priority.

And of course, with the IRS scandal, the Administration called for the head of the IRS. But it turns out, he was leaving anyway. Again, it’s the PR.

Oh, and if you’re not convinced just how bad the IRS issue is, watch this.

Let me bring one more thread in here: this tweet….

TWEET OF THE DAY: “These scandals are so bad that for the first time Obama wants to talk about the economy.”

The joke here is that Obama has created a really bad economy. It’s not recovering. But he was re-elected. Why is that?

It’s not because he had a bang-up second term agenda. In fact, he had no agenda at all until very late in the campaign.

No, he won because he convinced enough of America that Romney was some sort of out-of-touch billionaire who was only out for the rich. That was how he won – smearing his opponent instead of writing policy. In other words, more PR.

And instead of highlighting that, instead of raising alarm bells over how 4 Americans died with assistance within reach, instead of demanding an end to the disasters of Obama’s economic policy, the US media lapped it up and glossed over Benghazi and the economy.

Well congratulations guys, you sucked up to the machine. Now it’s your job to kill it before it kills you.


If you’ve lost Piers Morgan…

Watch the video – Piers Morgan is pretty much eating his (very recent) words re: the possibly of an american government being tyrannical. It was only weeks ago that he was scoffing at the idea in relation to the 2nd amendment.

Props to the man for recognizing he was wrong though!

One thing is sure though, Obama has a very serious political problem right now.

Obama’s attitude comes home to roost

From Politico (via Instapundt)

Obama’s aloof mien and holier-than-thou rhetoric have left him with little reservoir of good will, even among Democrats. And the press, after years of being accused of being soft on Obama while being berated by West Wing aides on matters big and small, now has every incentive to be as ruthless as can be.

This White House’s instinctive petulance, arrogance and defensiveness have all worked to isolate Obama at a time when he most needs a support system. “It feel like they don’t know what they’re here to do,” a former senior Obama administration official said. “When there’s no narrative, stuff like this consumes you.”

When the going got tough for Bush, he stayed loyal to his people and they tended to stay loyal to him.

Obama on the other hand, has always pursued the strategy of throwing “under the bus” anyone who became a political problem. During the first campaign it was his pastor. Today the head of the IRS resigned, while Obama declared that he knew nothing about any of this stuff.

A couple of years ago I read Born Again, Charles Colson’s autobiography. I’d recommend it to any political nut, as it gives a real insight into what a decaying presidency looks like. (Though I strongly suspect that the book paints a slightly less than honest view of Colson’s own actions of the time.)

Time will tell if today’s actions will bring relief to the Administration. I can already see some media reports written by people who clearly are relieved they have an excuse to declare this one “over”. But the ground has certainly shifted, and it will be interesting to see how things develop with at least some of the media now casting a long-overdue critical eye over the administration.

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