That makes 59 States – Bush Would Be Proud

This very much reminds me of the “Mandela is dead” comments that Bush made – except that Obama was clearly making a mistake in this instance*. Hands up who thinks this real error will be raised as often as Bush’s were, or even McCain’s. Actually, I think the criteria for a McCain scandal has been… Continue reading That makes 59 States – Bush Would Be Proud

Paul Buchanan on separation of Church and State and Obama

Paul Buchanan doesn’t let truth get in the way of a good story. In declaring independence from Great Britain, the founding fathers were also declaring independence from the Church of England. After all, their forbearers fled religious persecution from the (Protestant) Crown. This is somewhat true… but read on. They consequently swore to never allow… Continue reading Paul Buchanan on separation of Church and State and Obama

Clinton gonna do a “Tonya Harding”?

From NewsBusters. Until recently the most popular metaphor to describe the Hillary Clinton campaign was Scorched Earth. This metaphor implies that Hillary is willing to destroy the entire Democrat party in an effort to win the nomination. However, there is a new metaphor on the block which is a bit more precise in its description:… Continue reading Clinton gonna do a “Tonya Harding”?

Obama and Arabs

Michael J. Totten shoots down the myth that Obama will improve things between the USA and Arabs. In fact, Secretary Rice really does believe that African-Americans and Arabs have something in common, which is why she has likened, for better or worse, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas to Martin Luther King, Jr. and thrown all her… Continue reading Obama and Arabs

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