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Today I learned a new word: oikophobia.

Xenophobia is fear of the alien; oikophobia is fear of the familiar: “the disposition, in any conflict, to side with ‘them’ against ‘us’, and the felt need to denigrate the customs, culture and institutions that are identifiably ‘ours.’ ” British philosopher Roger Scruton

Here’s a good example I saw recently.

So, US Defence Secretary (and war criminal) Leon Panetta wants to station US troops in New Zealand. I have just one question to ask in response: what’s in it for us? Because there doesn’t actually seem to be any benefit in it for New Zealand. We get to be marked as US “territory”, possibly used as a remote venue for torture or other US war crimes, and we get to have our people killed and raped by American soldiers (as happens in e.g. Okinawa). And in exchange, we get to be dragged into their wars. That sounds like a shit deal, and one no proper representative of New Zealand’s interests should want any part of.
 Before other oikophobes in our government spat on them, the US counted us as an ally.  Since that time, we’ve been trying to figure out how to get back into their good books, while trying to not get offside with the oikophobes.
Here’s an idea: Ignore the oikophobes and just do the right thing. Original, no?

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