CTV Building

From One News tonight. It’s a miracle anyone emerged alive. Other damage Another shot of the CTV building Sumner

Quake Graph

There’s a very useful interactive graph of the quakes in Christchurch here. Update: HP has the PM’s speech. Update2: Imagine being on this footpath when the quake struck.

*The* Photo of the Quake? #eqnz

To me, this photo from The Herald symbolises so much about this quake. Like last time, suburbs under water. But unlike last time, there is smoke rising from the CBD where people are trapped in collapsed buildings. Same, but different. Worse. Update: Yes, the cathedral will most likely become the symbol, but to me, this… Continue reading *The* Photo of the Quake? #eqnz


From Civil Defence’s statement. People in the affected area should: Expect aftershocks. Each time one is felt, drop, cover, and hold on. Check yourself first for injuries and get first aid if necessary before helping injured or trapped persons. Assess your home or workplace for damage. If the building appears unsafe get everyone out. Use… Continue reading Remember!