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Teens tracked, but “curious parents” keep out!

Parents are responsible for the wellbeing of their children, but reading this one would think otherwise.

n a study of 15 teenage girls, the investigated looked at the feasibility of using GPS-enabled cellphones to track adolescents’ whereabouts when they were away from home or school.

The researchers found that the girls were happy to take the phones with them wherever they went, and that the GPS accurately plotted their travels over one week.

The point of the surveillance was not to pass on information to curious parents, however. Instead, the researchers hope to use the technology to study the health risks that teenagers typically face, and possibly to intervene.

GPS-enabled cellphones “can help us better understand where adolescents spend their time and what they’re doing,” said Dr. Sarah E. Wiehe, the lead researcher on the study and an assistant professor of paediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis.

So parents are simply “curious” and should not have access to what their children are doing, but researchers may need to intervene should something go wrong.

Parents are the ones who are charged with looking after the welfare of their children. They are not simply curious, they want to know if their child is in danger!


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