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The Amazing Disappearing Headline

I notice that the Herald had a prominent headline where the PM told us all that justice with regard to the Kahui twins.

No Minister points out that that headline is now missing.

Nowhere else in the world would you find a Prime Minister directing the police to keep open a case after there has been an acquittal from the courts. Of course, if there’s a chance she might catch a few votes or even a momentary blip in the opinion polls, it’s all worth it.

The Herald has taken down it’s appalling headline in which Clark intoned “It is unacceptable that nobody has been held to account for this crime” or words to that effect.

Funny thing is, nobody was held accountable for forging paintings, speeding through South Canterbury, fabricating evidence to discredit police commissioners, stealing $800k of our money, wasting billions of taxpayer dollars when things were good or stealing $3 billion from Auckland Airport shareholders.

Not to mention the crimes of the current one, covered up by quoting a clearly bent cop.


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