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What’s Under the Hood That Worries Me

I’ve been meaning to say this for some time, but the councillor who dressed in the KKK costume is about the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I’m sorry to hear that he had to apologise, but I suppose that was to be expected.

It’s funny for a very simple reason.

It points out immediately and unquestionably just how stupid (not to mention insulting) hoody day is a concept.

Because people are not intimidated by kids wearing hoodys. They’re intimidated by people using them to hide – it is absolutely what’s under the hood that counts.

Youth, even in South Auckland don’t all wear these garments. those that do are frequently not noticed. Who cares if a young person is keeping their ears warm on a cold night? No, the ones we notice are those walking or riding around in full daylight with the hood hiding themselves.

Hiding under a hood is a bad thing. Doesn’t matter if the person is hiding to disguise who’s cross burning, or disguise who’s shooting dairy owners. It’s bad, and MP’s should not glorify it as a symbol of youth – that’s a slap in the face of the thousands of law-abiding young people in this country and they should know it.

Well, I suppose now that I’ve done the unthinkable I can expect a lynch mob at my door 🙂

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