Global Warming on Ice

Either my eyes are deceiving me or Poneke just wrote a article on global warming that can’t help but agree with. Apparently, a “denier” even won a bet. Unfortunately, those whose reputations, or belief structures, depend on finding “proof” of human-caused, catastrophic global warming are not prepared to wait for evidence. More than a few… Continue reading Global Warming on Ice

Irony – The Left Does it Best

Poneke has given up blogging. Pity – he was a good writer. But NRT’s comments on it are rather amusing, considering the source. And so the sewer (who had been turning up recently and leaving their usual turds around, and reacted particularly nastily to Poneke’s recent pieces criticising them) bullies another intelligent, articulate voice into… Continue reading Irony – The Left Does it Best


I didn’t have an ANZAC post. I wish I did, but I didn’t. What I wanted to post on was how I make sense of the different sides of the “was it worth it” debate. I wasn’t able to do that because I never got all my thoughts collected properly. But here’s a few anyway.… Continue reading No ANCAZ Post