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Global Warming on Ice

Either my eyes are deceiving me or Poneke just wrote a article on global warming that can’t help but agree with.

Apparently, a “denier” even won a bet.

Unfortunately, those whose reputations, or belief structures, depend on finding “proof” of human-caused, catastrophic global warming are not prepared to wait for evidence. More than a few are little more than Luddites who want potentially extreme economic sanctions enacted against almost everything that has enabled the modern world to have become the marvel that it is and they want it now. They discount contrary evidence such as the the past decade’s non-warming, and claimed that last year’s ice cap shrinking was a “record” that proved their arguments, when in fact no satellite data existed before 1979.

It’s interesting that the news media, which trumpeted last year’s ice cap minimum as “proof” of global warming, appears not to have much to say about this year’s larger ice cap. I may have missed it, but I have yet to see any New Zealand media run the NSIDC announcement.

Extraordinarily, the New Zealand Herald as recently as Wednesday ran yet another scare story predicting doom for polar bears and claiming the ice cap was likely to reduce below last year’s minimum — this the very day after the NSIDC admitted this year’s ice minimum was greater than the last.

Personally, I believe we should be doing as much as possible — globally as well as locally — to reduce pollution of the environment, whether from car exhausts, factory chimneys, fertiliser run-offs from farms, and all other sources. But this is so we have a clean environment to live in. If human-induced global warming is more than a computer prediction and if it is a bad thing and if cleaning up the global environment really can reduce it, well, that would be wonderful.

I’m not sure, however, that we should be trashing the global economy and starving large numbers of people by introducing extreme measures designed to counter something that exists to date only in computer models.

Interesting point about Luddites – I once heard a BBC presentation where they pointed out that the Luddites were actually a lot like modern liberals as they wanted protection for traditional workers (in the textile industry – they ran the old hand looms) over new technology.

Makes you think.

Irony – The Left Does it Best

Poneke has given up blogging. Pity – he was a good writer.

But NRT’s comments on it are rather amusing, considering the source.

And so the sewer (who had been turning up recently and leaving their usual turds around, and reacted particularly nastily to Poneke’s recent pieces criticising them) bullies another intelligent, articulate voice into silence. It’s a great loss to the NZ blogosphere, and to our hopes of becoming something better.

This from a guy who calls those who he disagrees with racist, fascist and Nazis on a regular basis. and that’s just for starters. Did I mention misogynistic? Don’t think he reserves his barbs for the right only, he’s also been known to throw turds (to use his terminology) at sections of the left he disagrees with.

Not exactly a position from which to claim moral authority.

As for partisanship, whatever I thought of Poneke’s opinions, one thing that was clear was that they were actually his, rather than being grabbed verbatim from some party’s daily talking points. Like me, he was fighting for his own “team”, not someone else’s (to the extent he was fighting at all, rather than merely making cynical observations). Unfortunately, for some in the blogosphere, any failure to toe their party line makes you a toady and a hack. If you’re not with them all the way, you’re against them – a “partisan” for the other side who must be beaten into silence. And sadly, they’ve won again.

Again, this is the guy who shut down debate on his site because he didn’t like common sense being explained to him. The Labour MP who’s party like he was trotting out turned out to be a complete hypocrite who is quite willing to dish out the very same insult explicitly that she found so very, very offensive when merely used implicitly.

I have to admit, I haven’t followed all the poo flinging. That’s mostly because Poneke deleted the post in question. I don’t approve of the way certain blogs work, but I choose to do that by trying to run my own blog to a higher standard. I leave it to my readers to make their own judgment on whether I succeed.

Update: Adolf nails it on WOBH

I can’t say that I’m surprised. When he started off he made that fateful error. The big giveaway. “I’m a non-partisan………” Inevitably that means a bias to the left. The clincher was the cowardly removal of a post and comment thread in which he came under attack. All characteristics of the left…

Indeed. Not that the right is perfect, but were far more tolerant of criticism generally.


I didn’t have an ANZAC post. I wish I did, but I didn’t.

What I wanted to post on was how I make sense of the different sides of the “was it worth it” debate. I wasn’t able to do that because I never got all my thoughts collected properly. But here’s a few anyway.

I respect the solders who died in the various wars that New Zealand has fought in. It would be nice to say that they all died to make this country a better place, but they didn’t. A great many died in accidents, I suppose a few by their own foolishness, even before they got to the front. (Think those solders in the movies racing around in jeeps without seatbelts got away with that?)

Also, fact is that a lot of men have died because their commanders made mistakes. It would be fair to say that some commanders didn’t care about that.

But many did. And the fact is that without those sacrifices in WWII especially, many of us would not be alive. While many didn’t die on the front, they died in the process of the war. While WWI might have been avoided, it wasn’t, and the plan to capture the Dardanelles was a good one that might have shortened the wars, saving lives.

Today we see Iraq, where 4000 Americans have lost their lives, and many see there another foolish war. I, however, see a war that deposed a brutal dictator, and is now fighting terrorists that need to be stopped, terrorists who think nothing of slaughtering innocents. If by loosing a few volenteers’ lives in small wars, we can save millions of lives of people who never wanted to fight, so much the better.

Poneke blogs:

I am from only the first generation in human history whose young men – teenage boys — were not forced by their country’s leaders to fight and kill the young men and teenage boys of other countries and be killed by them. My parents’ generation was the last such generation so far, and, I fervently hope, the last ever.

Sadly, I hold no such hope while I see people all over the world more interested in believing the word of murders, and calling good people liars. That is how wars start.

Ironically, those people are called “anti-war activists”.

Time will tell if they succeed.

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