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Power Crisis?

We have ads on TV telling us to save power, but apparently they’re just for fun if you believe Jordan Carter.

Gerry Brownlee – remember him? That dynamic, exciting, capable Member of Parliament for Ilam, and scaremongering National Party energy spokesman?

Today’s Minzone – hmmm. No power crisis there, folks.

I wonder if the media will point out that National’s scare campaign, which was solely done on the basis of trying to score political points, was a complete red herring?

Clearly, there’s nothing wrong.

Errol Carr from the group Guardians of Lake Hawea says the lake has dropped so low, dust storms are forming. He says the lake has nothing more to give but he says Contact Energy is planning to suck more water out.

He estimates Lake Hawea has two days of storage capacity left and he cannot understand why the Government is not being more pro-active.

Now, Hawea is not part of the Waitaki Valley schemes so it’s not as critical when it’s low. Still, it is a concern that not just one area is affected by dry conditions.

But this is just another reason Labour is losing the public – the average punter is going to look at Jordan’s Minzone chart and see what I see – storage perilously close to the “Emergency Zone”, and a very, very long way below the average levels to be expected at this time of year.

Oh, that and the fact that they promised they would make sure we never had another power crisis.


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