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Oh Dear

Yet another example of just how contradictory the Green message can be.

They argued that the main cause of the crisis was that food production in much of the developing world has been decimated by three decades of globalization and free trade liberalization policies. Previously self sufficient countries had been unable to compete with heavily subsidized, cheap European and American food and so small self sufficient agricultural
sectors collapsed in country after country, leaving developing countries dependent on imports and food aid.

So is free trade the issue, or is it heavily subsidised food? Because those things are polar opposite.

The post complains bitterly about how the NGO’s are being pushed out of the way, because they woudln’t agree with the outcomes, which turn out to be (in part) the suggestion that people should drop tariffs and subsidies.

So where’s the issue with that?

An Alternative Theory On Food Prices

I’ve an alternative theory on food prices.

See, Clinton today won enough votes in Pennsylvania to stay in the race. Not that she should have left had she lost.

What that means is that the Democrats get to slug it lot for that much longer.

So what does this have to do with the price of food. Well, my theory is that Republicans enjoying watching this fight so much, and are buying so much popcorn (you can’t watch something this entertaining without a large supply) that that’s what’s driving up the price.

Actually, that explains the price of butter too. Hm, I what salt’s doing?

Just a theory.


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