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More Public Transport Nonsense

NRT publishes this little chart from the Greens.

“Orange and red all over the map – they don’t have decent trains or buses, and so are forced to take the car. As oil prices rise, life for people in those orange suburbs is going to become a lot more expensive.”

Except that’s not true.

The chart does not show “inequalities of transport”, it shows what people are doing, what they choose to do. There are for example, some very good public transport services going straight through some very red areas.

The reason why people don’t use public transport is because they have made the choice not to use it. If costs go up, they’ll switch to the public transport available when they make that decision, or maybe they’ll find their own solutions.

It’s also entirely possible that many of those people will never have suitable public transport, no matter how much government money is poured down that particular drain.

Of course, you could just trust people to run their own lives, coming up with their own solutions (such as purchasing a house near work), but I guess there’s no fun in that but it seems to have worked ok so far.

Tax? What about collecting the fares first?

Well, Aucklanders now know that their regional council wants to slap a petrol tax on all Aucklanders.

This is to electrify rail.

I have a better idea. Instead of taking money off the motorist, why not collect fares from those riding on trains?

A simple idea I admit, but it’s my understanding that since petrol crossed $1.50 most peak time trains have been rolling into Britomart with half of passengers on board (specifically those getting on from the last few stops) not paying a fare. There is no provision to collect at the other end when the conductor can’t get through the carriages.

If the train is late, that figure might be more like 2/3.

Stinks doesn’t it. Legitimate revenue isn’t gathered and the poor motorist gets stung for the incompetence of others.

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