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Political Consultants and Tatics

Well, unlike some I’m not comfortable with National’s hiring of consultants that have dubious pasts. That said, considering the source I should do more reading – these things have ways of getting spun.

However, Helen Clark has done it again and upstaged what is a fairly minor transgression with an absolute clanger from her side.

Audrey Young blogs on the Crosby Textor issue, and there is one startling revelation:

She [Helen Clark] would not rule out push-polling either from Labour – something that Key categorically ruled out from National in the coming election campaign – but only “honest” push-polling.

So Helen Clark has refused to rule out push polling. Is this not massively more newsworthy than National using the same consultants as they have in the previous five elections?

Gotta love the Labour party, they’ve had an order of magnitude more wrongdoing exposed from publicly available sources than all the illegal sources and stolen emails Brash ever wrote.

Gee, and they wonder why I don’t support them.

National don’t need policies at this rate, all the need to say is “we’ll do what Labour did but without being corrupt and spitting in the fact of the public”. Sadly, they’re almost doing the worst of both at this point with slim policy, copying Labour and failing to capitalise on Labour’s corrupt practices.

Hm, how about it John, a policy on political corruption?


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