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The Left is NOT anti racist


One thing that’s been happening in the wake of the shootings is that the left have made a big point of condemning racism.

Except their condemnation is distinctly one-sided. Here’s the leader of the Green Party stirring up racial hatred – literally posted the day after the attack!

theft of land

That wasn’t the only rally that went sour.

Was it a vigil, a political rally – or both?

Speeches calling out racism, colonialism and white supremacy at an Auckland vigil for victims of the Christchurch mosque attacks had some attendees leaving early, saying it was “too soon” for such discussions.

But organisers and speakers have defended what some called a “political” tone of the Jummah Remembrance vigil held at Auckland Domain on Friday, saying they were “hard truths” Aotearoa needed to address….

Zainab Mussa attended the vigil with her two young children but they left early partly because of the “uncomfortable tone”.

“Even being non Pākehā, I did feel uncomfortable at times with the continued mentions of white extremism and white terrorism.”…

The event was jointly-organised by Migrants Against Racism and Xenophobia (MARX), Racial Equity Aotearoa, Shakti NZ, Asians Supporting Tino Rangatiratanga and Auckland Peace Action.

Well, I guess with a list like that, it’s small wonder. A group literally called “Marx”, Auckland “Peace Action” (an openly fascist group), a group that calls for Maori sovereignty in their title, and another that implies NZ doesn’t have racial equity.

Of course, Ms Davidson was in full agreement with all this.

And finally, we have exhibit 3.


Jews outraged after mosque leader blames Mossad for Christchurch attack

New Zealand’s Jewish community is outraged and revolted after a prominent mosque leader blamed Mossad for being behind the Christchurch terror attack.

On Saturday, a group called Love Aotearoa Hate Racism organised a rally for the victims in Auckland’s Aotea Square.

Ahmed Bhamji, chairman of the Mt Roskill Masjid E Umar, gave a speech questioning where the gunman got his funding from. He said he suspected it came from “Mossad” and “Zionist business”.

Interesting that Newshub chose to fuzz out his face.

But that’s even more telling is the response

“I really want to say one thing today. Do you think this guy was alone… I want to ask you – where did he get the funding from?” he can be heard saying in video footage.

“I stand here and I say I have a very very strong suspicion that there’s some group behind him and I am not afraid to say I feel Mossad is behind this.”

One person can be heard shouting in support: “It’s the truth. Israel is behind this. That’s right!”

And if you watch the video, you’ll see that’s a valid description. Only one person responded, and that was in agreement.

Turns out that there’s plenty of racism in NZ, and the left is more than happy to stoke it.

Oh, and bonus irony – a tweet retweeted by the Greens.

Which party fanned the flames of division by blaming migrants for the housing crisis? Why, that would the the Labour party of NZ.

Which party had the opportunity to keep Labour and New Zealand First (also blames migrants for the country’s problems) out of power? Why, that would be the Green party of NZ.

And what was the very first thing that James Shaw, leader of the Greens, did when faced with this choice?

He announced that he was 100% going to go with Labour. Which put NZF in charge of the process (something they made clear they would never do), and resulted in a government with those two anti-migrant parties in power. And left the green party without any leverage.

TL;DR – The greens are now upset about racists in power, only those racists only have that power because of the greens.

The really funny thing is, the Greens can still change this today by walking over to National and signing a coalition agreement. But they won’t do that, because their hatred of National is greater than any hatred they have towards racism.


The Obama Campaign should be running a mile from this… but won’t

This is a bit scary. Not new, but scary that they’re actually prepared to put it in print.

The danger, according to Capehart, is that this narrative may remove the race card as a factor (emphasis mine):

By telling potential voters “It’s OK to make a change,” the RNC is acknowledging all that I mention above. It’s OK to like the guy personally but not vote for him again. This is not a popularity contest. It’s OK to vote against the black guy. You gave him a shot. He gave it his best shot. He failed. And the most effective message is: “It’s OK to make a change” — and not be thought of as a racist.

Throughout Obama’s presidency, I’ve received more than a few e-mails and tweets from folks complaining that they are branded racist if they disagree with anything the president says or does. And it doesn’t help matters that I have seen more than a few e-mails and tweets from ardent Obama supporters doing exactly that. I have also seen instances of this on television and in print.

That’s why the “It’s OK to make a change” ad is the most dangerous for Obama’s reelection efforts. It give those few, yet crucial, undecided voters the pass they might be looking for to vote against Obama.

Think about what Capehart is saying.

What keeps some voters in line for Obama – fear of falsely being accused of racism — may not work this time, and the removal of that fear is the most dangerous threat to Obama’s reelection.

That is why we are seeing an all-out attempt to portray Romney as racist, as evidenced by yesterday’s “Anglo-Saxon” feeding frenzy.

Basically, there’s an admission that false accusations of racism are (or should be) used as a way of convincing people to vote a certain way.

Utterly disgraceful. Like I say, the Obama campaign should be running a mile from this emotional blackmail tatic, but there’s no way they will, given that the Democrats have been using the “our opponents are all racists” line against the Tea Party movement and other critics for years.

It’s just a bit shocking to see such a blatant admission in print.

Is Peter Brown a Racist?

Computer says “no”.


That’s not what I expected when I hit the vote now button, that’s for sure.

(In case you’re wondering, I favor open immigration – if you’re willing to work, you’re welcome. The more diverse ideas we have the better.)

Sexism in Scrubs?

Mia compares Scrubs to Grey’s Anatomy.

She appears to find the “blatant sexism and racism” in Scrubs refreshingly honest compared to GA.

Here’s the thing. It’s a comedy.

Fact: Feminists have no sense of humour. This severely limits your choice for lead actors in a comedy series, as well as the audience.
Fact: I don’t give a toss about the race of anyone, fiction or reality.

Those nurses in Scrubs give the doctors a very hard time in most episodes. They come across as better people than the doctors often. Imagine if a (gasp) black female doctor killed a patient!?

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